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Shipping From The United States?

If you're shipping FROM the United States to an overseas destination, you can now view international shipping rates online using our new UPakWeShip Rate Mate platform!

You'll be able to choose your origin state & destination country, review rates for our international shipping services for that route and book your shipment today!

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How UPakWeShip Global Shipping Services Work

UPakWeShip - How It Works 11

Step 1

We deliver your empty shipping container or moving crate.
UPakWeShip - How It Works 22

Step 2

Pack up everything you need shipped into your container or moving crate.
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Step 3

We'll pick up your container or moving crate and deliver it to your new overseas location.

What Our Customers Say About Us

  • Claudia, California to Germany
    Moving with UPakWeShip was a 5 star experience from curb to curb! When European customs in London had questions, the UPakWeShip team handled it fast and professionally. Thank you for making moving to Europe a 5 star experience!
    Claudia, California to Germany

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