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Nicely packed and loaded pallet sent to us today by one of our UPakWeShip customers using our lump sum price door to door pallet shipping service. All ready for us to collect with a pallet jack and tail lift. Once collected, will will truck it to one of our...

   Real People answer the phone, (good old customer service) Packing list app (It allows you to create a typed packing list of all your things) U crates (load your items in a U Crate for great protection. Whatever fits ships for lump sum price) Lump sum pricing (All our regular services are a...

  From the first conversation to the last, service was attentive and professional. always prompt to return emails and calls. Alicia is super helpful and polite. I would definitely recommend UPakWeShip.   International Moving Doctor says "Thanks for the great review Angela" We enjoyed moving you!...

  If you are moving overseas, there is so much to do and organize before your move day. You need to work on a timeline so that you cover all bases. To help you, UPakWeShip has created an international moving checklist that we call countdown to moving day. This is...

 It often depends on where you are moving to. Do rentals come fully furnished? Will our dark heavy wood furniture look right in our super modern city condo or not too shabby beach house? To find out more read our free International moving guide that covers this subject and everything else...

[caption id="attachment_520" align="alignleft" width="300"] Always use a professional ![/caption] Have a read of my free International Moving Guide to see the how, as well as the pros and cons of shipping pets overseas. www.upakweship.com  when you need guaranteed all inclusive competitive pricing, door to door, linked with awesome customer service and Google...

We received this message on our overseas moving blog, from Francesca today.    "I already subscribed but couldn’t find my download so I’m re-signing up. Thank you for all your hard work you folks do for helping us make our trip easier. It helps me have some faith that there are...

  Read my free International Moving Guide to find out. You can download the free international moving guide and learn everything you need to know about moving overseas and how to choose an international moving company.  ...

[caption id="attachment_1156" align="alignleft" width="300"] UPakWeShip loves moving everyone across the pond[/caption] UPakWeShip has a baggage service starting at $99 per bag from USA to London. For more details contact Karlee at 1 866 868 6386 or email karlee@upackweship.com  ...