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One of the biggest stigmas in the Western world, is the inability to do anything alone. It's a ridiculous phenomenon when half of our activities don't actually require somebody to be stood by your side. From everyday activities like going to the movies, to bigger life choices such as moving, the...

  If you need temporary storage for your International Move, UPakWeShip has you covered. We can store your U Crate or Pallet for 25 per week. No additional handling charges. Temporary storage before we ship or before we deliver just 25 per week.   That is in $ at UPakWeShip USA That's in UK Pounds at...

[caption id="attachment_3997" align="alignleft" width="225"] UPakWeShip's U Crate 100's[/caption] We have some U Crate 100's available free at our Charleston Office. If you want to save even more money than the usual UPakWeShip online prices for your international move, try this. Bring your things to the Charleston office and load into our nearly...

"Whats the safest cost effective way to ship my stuff overseas" ...

One of the biggest considerations of moving abroad is the cost. Life on the other side of the world may sound like a dream, but is it possible? Does the opportunity make financial sense? And if not, how can you make it work? The various reasons for moving will contribute...

Sydney is one of the most internationally recognizable cities in the world. If the white steel of the Opera House didn’t give you a hint, then the enormous Harbour Bridge should do the trick. It’s a city surrounded by beautiful beaches, with beautiful weather and, frankly, beautiful people. It’s no wonder most of...

If there were a prize for moving abroad as a young, single adult, I think I may be in the running. Since turning 18, I’ve lived in France, Italy, Australia, the UK and only three weeks ago, I packed up and headed to the US. When you’re young with no...

Angela recently sent us this review for her move from the USA to Australia. Well done UPakWeShip team USA. USA to Australia: Reliable, Transparent and Affordable We have been thinking about shipping some household effects from storage in the US to our home in Australia for several years, and we never knew...

This is what Stephen said when posting a five star Google review about UPakWeShip. Excellent for a move from the USA to Sweden. They handled everything quite well, delivered all my stuff unharmed, and their agent on this end (James) helped an unbelievably tremendous amount when dealing with the local bureaucracy....

After moving people's belongings for over 30 years, we think we know a thing or two about moving abroad. Both personally, and professionally. The Moving Doctor himself recently relocated to The Netherlands from the USA...