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About Our Company

As much as we try, we are not perfect and although we have far more great reviews than bad, unfortunately negative remarks rank a lot higher than positive on the internet. Also, some competitors will actually pretend they are customers and make up complaints so that another company looks bad. Lastly, some of these complaints sites are for profit companies! They make their money on the internet by getting commissions from moving companies that they recommend or by charging large sums to get complaints deleted from their site. We do maintain a five star Google review average which is the highest you can get as well as an A+ with the BBB. We also have many great reviews posted direct from our customers published here.

Yes, we have Errors, Omissions and liability insurance as well as two licenses issued by The Federal Maritime Commission covering us as a freight forwarder and an NVOCC totaling $125,000. Our FMC number 020099NF.

I suggest reading our free book: Moving Overseas, the definitive guide

I suggest following us on Twitter @UPAKWESHIP. Follow our blog and sign up for our newsletters.

No sorry we do not.

We have offices and staff in New York, Charleston, Los Angeles, and Omaha and between us; we cover all of mainland USA. We have our own offices in Devon, in the UK, which covers all of the UK and mainland Europe, and Toronto that covers all of Canada. We also utilize over 80 receiving terminals across the USA and another 100 worldwide so we have you covered wherever you are.

Only if we think another company can serve you better. For example if we think a courier company might be more cost effective to just send 1 or 2 suitcases we will pass the enquiry to white glove express or if we receive a domestic moving quote request in the USA we will pass that over to as we don’t do moving within the USA. In addition, if you have some large items that look like they may need professional packing we will pass on to our full service division EuroUSA Shipping to see if they can assist you.

Our registered company name here in North America is EuroUSA Shipping and UPakWeShip is the self-pack budget division with its own dedicated employees set up to offer its customers a reliable, no thrills budget way of International Moving. EuroUSA offices handle many Commercial full service, Corporate, and Trade shipments for regular customers. In Europe we are registered and operate as UPakWeShip Intl.

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