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Payment Insurance & Customs Questions

Yes, the same as you need it driving a car or for your residence you live in. You don’t have to insure it through us though and may be you can get coverage on your existing home owners policy, but we do believe we offer the best coverage and if you sign that you do not want to take out insurance with us you will be agreeing to not claim against us or hold us responsible for any damages or loss however caused. Having said that, if you pack all your items up well using good quality boxes and lots of bubble wrap, the chances of any damage or loss is extremely rare.

All pallet and U Crate shipments require a down payment of $750 and a shipping container $2000. The rest is due before loading or before shipping out of the country.

Yes, we have quite a few, click here to view our shipping related forms. Also, after we have received your booking, you will be able to log into our system and see all the forms you will need to complete. Most forms can be accomplished with an electronic signature.

Every Country has their own but most destinations are ok with your personal items if you are moving to that Country and all the items are more than 6 months old. Most countries will tax you on alcohol and cigarettes so it is normally not worth sending in your shipment. Most Countries do not allow human or pet food to be imported. Check with your local consulate or embassy for the Countries customs regulations or click here for more customs information.

Yes, you will need to. We have the most popular ones available by email or click here for more customs information.

After we receive your booking, we will ask you for a down payment. This is usually $750 for a PALLET or U-CRATE service and $2,000 for a shipping container. There are no credit card fees charged on down payment amounts. We ask you to use our secure online credit card payment page to do this.

For the remainder, due before loading, we accept ACH transfer (we email you the ACH form to complete and it’s like an electronic check) if drawn on a US bank, wire transfer if overseas or you can pay the balance online with MasterCard or Visa, but we charge a 5% handling fee for balances paid by credit card.

See our Insurance services page under “Services”. Click here

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