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Pricing Questions

Yes, you can deduct $100 if you provide your own pallet or crate and deduct $150 for two pallets or crates, and deduct $200 for 3 pallets or crates that you provide yourself. You can build your own crate at the same dimensions as a Pallet or U Crate 100 if you want.

Our small pallet rates are very hard to beat but having a sort out and cutting back to just the essentials can help save you money. If you literally just have a bag or two, it might be worth paying the extra carry on fee by the airline or even upgrade your ticket using air miles so that you get a higher baggage allowance and fly in comfort and style!

Be very careful of these quotes, you get a very cheap price up front but when you get to your destination you can find yourself paying double the original quote before you are allowed to collect your boxes from the terminal. We offer this service as well and are more than happy to ship to a terminal overseas for you to collect, just as long as you know you will have to customs clear yourself and pay terminal and hand over charges before the shipping terminal will allow you to collect it at the destination. If it is to door, make sure they offer all-inclusive pricing and haven’t forgotten to add in something like terminal handling charges!

Having been in business since 1988 we have built up a large customer base and probably ship more to Europe, Australia, North America and New Zealand than anyone else so we keep our containers and trucks full therefore allowing us to operate at discounted rates all year round. We also keep overheads low, have our own operations overseas and therefore have complete control of our costs and do not have to rely on other companies with their own profit margins. Unlike a lot of the competition, we specialize in small shipments and often have no minimum charges to contend with. We make our money by making a little bit on a large volume of shipments as opposed to making a lot of money on a few shipments. We are like a Southwest or Easy Jet of the relocation industry.

We guarantee there will be no extra charges on top of the prices we display online or we email you in a quote. Our prices are all inclusive. The only extra charges would be due to, a physical customs exam that would be backed up with paperwork proving this occurred or if you had bad access or a long carry, requested delivery above first floor, or beyond curbside, customs duties and taxes on something you declared on your customs form, storage if you request it and quarantine or ministry of agriculture inspection charges associated normally with importing into Australia or New Zealand. Bottom line, “NO SNEAKY FEES”!

Our rates to door include all known or definite charges. However, if you want delivery beyond curbside, have bad access where a truck cannot get anywhere close to your residence, we need to get parking permits or you live on yellow or red lines or no parking zones, you have items less than 6 months old that involve duties and taxes or wine, spirits, cigarettes in your shipment, you receive a physical customs inspection or your shipment or container gets x rayed by Customs either in the USA or overseas there will be extra fees charged at destination before your shipment is delivered.

Do your own packing, and deliver to our shipping/receiving terminals for bigger discounts, drop off at our main shipping consolidation terminals in Charleston SC or for some destinations Los Angeles.

We suggest stacking your boxes on pallets and shrink-wrapping them to keep them all in place. We then collect the pallets with a tail lift truck and ship them to you overseas. We have a small and large pallet rate to most major destinations around the world on rate mate. If you have or can find your own pallet, you can reduce the rate by $100 as we won’t need to send you one.

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