What is your Price Guarantee?
June 21, 2018
I have a cheaper price from someone else but it is to a terminal only and not to door?
June 21, 2018

Why are you cheaper than the others?

Having been in business since 1988 we have built up a large customer base and probably ship more to Europe, Australia, North America and New Zealand than anyone else so we keep our containers and trucks full therefore allowing us to operate at discounted rates all year round. We also keep overheads low, have our own operations overseas and therefore have complete control of our costs and do not have to rely on other companies with their own profit margins. Unlike a lot of the competition, we specialize in small shipments and often have no minimum charges to contend with. We make our money by making a little bit on a large volume of shipments as opposed to making a lot of money on a few shipments. We are like a Southwest or Easy Jet of the relocation industry.

Category: Pricing Questions
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