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Learn How To Maximize Your Relocation Allowance With This Guide From UPakWeShip

So, you’ve worked hard, climbed the ranks and you’ve landed your dream job overseas. You’ve earned their confidence and now they’re going to send you to their new overseas locale. It’s time to start talking about your job relocation plan.


Let’s be honest: relocating for a job can be a stress-filled challenge. Relocation expenses can skyrocket if not done properly and that can really hit your wallet, especially when you’re working with a small relocation allowance.


The good news: we’re here to help with this relocation guide that will get you through your move stress-free and keep your relocation costs at a minimum.

Evaluate Your Relocation Allowance.

Depending on the company you’re working for, there could be a variety of different relocation allowance packages you may receive for moving overseas. Some companies will have a service setup and others will make you responsible for the entire relocation. Since you’re here doing research on this topic, odds are your company is making you responsible for your journey. No matter which package you receive, however, they all come down to money. To avoid going out of pocket, take a look at these different types of relocation packages you could receive.


“Here’s some money… GO!”

This is a fixed one-time payment given to you by the company. What you do with it is your decision, but once it’s used up the rest will be coming out of your pocket. This is probably the most common type, but the lump sum may be something you can at least negotiate.

“We’ll pay you back!”
You’ll be paying for your relocation yourself up to a preset limit defined by the company. You’ll need to be good at note taking and keeping your records though as they’ll require proof of expenses (receipts, yay!).


“We got this.”

If you’re lucky enough, the company you work for will coordinate and pay your relocation expenses directly. Often this package may also include the lump sum or reimbursement methods to pay for certain minor aspects of your move.

“THEY got this.”
Your company may already have ANOTHER company doing their relocation management and coordination for you. Mostly these are larger firms as this can be quite expensive.

Deciding What To Bring With.

Now that you’ve reviewed the type of relocation package you have (you’re most likely in the “lump sum” or “reimbursement” category if you’ve reached this far), now it’s time to assess how you’ll spend your amount of money. If you’re in the “reimbursement” relocation package category, you’ll most likely have tighter restrains with your budget as many companies will have an “approved expense” list.

Luckily you’ve reached this guide in time as our company, UPakWeShip, offers exclusive international shipping services for moving your stuff to your overseas location. Essentially, you’ll be able to bring more of your home to your new home, for less money.

Coordinating Your Move.

Once you’ve decided what you’ll bring with, now it’s time to start coordinating your move. Once again, you’re in luck; we’ve got these great moving tools & tips to help guide you during the course of your move:

Choosing A Moving Company.

When you’re moving yourself be sure to do your research on the company you choose. There are a lot of scams out there. Ask work colleagues, friends or people you know that might already be living at the destination country what mover they used and were they any good. Look for recent, legitimate reviews.

Saving People Money On Job Relocations Since 1988.

Our U-CRATE shipping service has saved a ton of money for people relocating for work, especially those with a small lump sum relocation allowance. If you’re looking to save money on your job relocation all you have to do is request a free quote from us below, review your quote, ask us any questions you have, and then book your shipment. It’s really simple and we’ll be helping every step of the way as you embark on your new overseas adventure (and save you money)!