Shared Container FAQ

Do the rates here include transport from my house to your terminal?

No, our rates are all inclusive per cubic foot from our terminal in to your residence overseas. You must book and pay for the transport from your house to our terminal in SC USA or The Netherlands yourself.

How will I know what volume or total cubic feet you are going to charge? 

If you are loading for example a U Box from U Haul that holds 250 cubic feet and it’s full, then you will know that we will also charge you for 250 cubic feet. If however the container or POD is not full or you or a mover brings the shipment to us, then we will stack it up on our measuring wall and take the measurements and photos to show you the cubic feet of your shipment.

Is this service delivered into my house?

Yes, the rates include delivery into a ground floor residence and the items placed in the rooms of your choice.

Do I need to pack everything myself?

Yes, everything needs to be packed well to protect it on its long journey. Moving blanket pads or bubble wrap work best for furniture depending on the item and all small things need to be packed into good quality moving cartons or strong plastic crates.

Do I need to stick a label on each item?

Yes, every item needs a label with your name, and item number so it corresponds with your packing list.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, once you have booked your move with UPakWeShip, we will ask you for a deposit and send you a contract and instructions.

What documents do I need to clear customs at destination?

For Europe, normally just a copy of your passport, packing list and a simple customs form to complete is enough in most cases. If moving to the UK, check on the TOR requirements available on our website. Australia and New Zealand needs an additional form.

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