Prohibited Items List

Below is a list of prohibited items that you CANNOT ship overseas.*

⊗ Firearms (rifles, shotgun, pistol, etc)
⊗ Fireworks
⊗ Weapons (swords, knives, etc)
⊗ Taxidermy Items
⊗ Acids
⊗ Aerosols
⊗ Any Food
⊗ Ammonia
⊗ Antifreeze
⊗ Battery with acids
⊗ Bleach
⊗ Charcoal briquettes
⊗ Cleaning fluids
 Combustible liquids
⊗ Corrosive liquids
⊗ Disinfectants
⊗ Drugs/Medications (take with you on plane if needed)

⊗ Dyes
⊗ Engine starting fluids
 Iron/steel rust preventatives
 Lamp oil
 Lighter fluids
⊗ Liquid Poisons
⊗ Matches
 Motor Oil
 Oil stains for wood
⊗ Paint and paint-related materials
⊗ Pesticides
 Petroleum products
 Propane tanks
⊗ Shellac

*Keep in mind this list is not meant to be a definitive list. There may be other items that cannot be shipped overseas, so if you’re not sure about a particular item that you are planning to ship, please contact your shipping coordinator before packing it into your shipment.

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