UPakWeShip & UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Partnership

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage and UPakWeShip have collaborated to provide you with the best of both worlds when it comes to excellence, transparency and superior customer service, seamless self-load door to door options from the USA to most overseas destinations, ground level loading, storage, and container shipping.

This service, named “U UNITS”, allows you to have a 16-foot UNITS container delivered to your residence on the ground for easy loading for up to a week. The UNITS portable storage container will then be collected and transported to the UPakWeShip warehouse for storage or unloading and transshipping to either UPakWeShip’s part load shipping service or a 20 ft shipping container service.

At the destination, you can choose either a full delivery or in some cases a self-unload option.

U UNITS Advantages

• Load it on the ground, big enough for your bed, sofa, or dining table and chairs.
• Great if you want storage for a while before shipping.
• No worries about shipping container shortages or truck shortages.
• No stress if the container truck arrives late and misses the time of your booked moving help.
• No west coast customs inspection costs, delays, and damages.
• If you live in an apartment, you may be able to put the container in your parking space, maybe park at work or a friend’s house. You have a maximum of one week to load.
• No worries about the weather, if it’s raining one day, just load it the next day or load a little every day and have a sort out as you go!
Bottom line it’s a little more expensive than some of our other services but a totally stress-free simple way to move that is worth every penny for your sanity! Don’t forget It’s still a lot more affordable (and probably safer in many cases) than a full-service mover.

U UNITS Locations


  • Fully loaded U UNITS containers will transship into a 20ft shipping container and sail to the nearest port to your destination with either a self-unload or full delivery service, depending on the destination. 
  • Half full U UNITS containers that’s 450 cubic feet or less, will be loaded into our consolidation containers with our U Crates and pallets if heading for the UK, Europe, Australia, or New Zealand, with full delivery services and an easy documentation process. 
  • All U UNITS customers must take out our Silver Insurance policy at 2.5% of the value you list your items at with a minimum total value of $5000 which equates to a premium of $125.
  • Once the U UNIT container arrives at our warehouse in Walterboro, SC, we will carefully unload it in our safe staging or storage area before loading into our next scheduled shared container service or load it into a 20 ft shipping container which will just be for your things. We will send you pictures so you will see how everything is safe and sound, just like we do with all our pallet and U Crate services.
  • It is essential that all items are packed well and labeled. We suggest all furniture is wrapped and secured in moving blankets and mattresses double bagged in mattress bags. Anything not wrapped properly will be packed, wrapped, and labeled by UPakWeShip for an additional charge of $100 per furniture item.

One company door to door, operations in USA, Canada, Europe, and the UK!