U Crate 50 and 100’s FAQ

Can I pick the exact time the driver will pick up my items? 

Unfortunately, no, you must be ready between 10am-6pm. We always ask the drivers to call in advance to give you a better idea though.

How detailed does the packing list have to be? 

Keep the packing list simple, no quantities are needed and if you can categorize items such as saying kitchen items rather than saying pots, plates, and cups, that will work just fine.

How long does it take to get my U Crate kit?

If you are in the East or Mid-west, then on average 4-5 business days. If you are the west coast, then it can be up to 5-10 business days. If you don’t have enough time to wait, we suggest using the pallet service.

Can I pack it in my garage?  

Yes, if your driveway is flat and paved and there is at least 3-4” of clearance to lift it up and out.

Does the kit itself include the total 1000lbs allowable? 

No, the kits are 70lbs and we allow for that.

How do I put it together?

It’s very easy, no tools are required, and we send you Instructions by email in a PDF.

Any Do’s or Don’ts for shipping?

Many! Do not pack any opened bottles in case they leak. Do not pack guns, ammunition, food, and anything hazardous including cleaning materials. Do not use an unlicensed company with a cheap rate. If the price sounds too good to be true it is probably a fraud! We ship large volumes and therefore get slightly better rates than most and keep overheads low, therefore our prices are good. If you find a rate much lower than ours, be very careful, there are a lot of cowboy operators that will give you a very cheap price and once they have your things, they will find an excuse for doubling your price. Do use licensed professionals. In the USA, you need to have a license from a government division called the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to carry out international moving from the USA. Do not use any company that does not have an FMC license in the USA. Make sure your boxes are all packed tight and well-taped shut. Make sure your name is on all pieces. 

Your competitor says I am not allowed to pack my own stuff?

This is an old wife’s tale so that they can make lots of money sending in cheap labor to pack up your belongings in your house. Truth is with our system, documentation, and security checks even though you have packed your items yourself, your shipment is no more at risk than if a local mover packed your boxes for you. Customs and Security agencies will now often X- Ray your shipment or the container in which it has been loaded so they can see what is in the boxes whoever packed it. Some movers will even go as far as to say it is against the law to pack your items yourself, but if that’s the case how come we have been in business in the USA since 1994 and have 2 government licenses? You don’t need strangers packing up your things in your house!

What do I do if it starts to rain?  

The kits come with a plastic cover, and you are welcome to place any extra tarps or waterproof material over it while awaiting pickup. Once the U Crate is in the truck it will not be outside again until its time for delivery overseas.

What are the internal dimensions of the U-Crates and how many cu ft do they hold?

 All the dimensions are in the slide presentation on each U Crate service page.

I live in an apartment; can you deliver and pick up from a loading dock?

Yes, no problem.

I live in an apartment; can you deliver and pick up from a below-ground garage?

Not normally due to the slope and sometimes the height.

I live in an apartment; can you deliver and pick up from a busy street?

Yes, you may be required to block off an area or get a permit from the city, but our customers have crates and pallets picked up daily from large cities. Collection only takes a few minutes!

Can you drop off the U-Crate in the morning and pick it up the same day?  

Unfortunately, no, we must drop off one day and collect another day.

Can I ship my stuff across before I get my baggage certificate?  

For U Crates and pallets, we don’t need a baggage certificate. We only need this for self-load 20 & 40 ft containers. 

Can I take liquids like perfume and shampoo?  

Small quantities of them yes, sealed in a zip lock baggy and then put in a box. Don’t ship bottles that have already been opened though in case they leak.

I saw some negative as well as positive comments about you, why is that? 

As much as we try, we are not perfect, but we have far more great reviews than bad, and always make sure we make things right. Unfortunately, negative remarks rank a lot higher than positive on the internet and we also have some negative remarks that we know are not true. There are remarks about delivering books on Google that aren’t even related to our company! We have lots of great reviews posted by customers here.

What documents do I need to clear customs at destination for my pallet? 

For Europe, normally just a copy of your passport, packing list and a simple customs form to complete is enough in most cases. If moving to the UK, check on the TOR requirements available on our website. Australia and New Zealand needs an additional form.

Can I store my shipment? 

We can normally store your shipment at our shipping terminal at origin or at the destination warehouse prior to final delivery, just let the coordinator know and they can quote the current rates.

How do I proceed and book this service? 

If you have seen the service and price online, please select the one you require and add this to your cart and check out and pay just like you would on any other E commerce site. If you received a custom quote by email from us, please contact the person that emailed you and let them know you would like to accept the quote and proceed.

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