Message from the CEO

My name is Mark Nash, and I am the CEO of UPakWeShip and its sister company EuroUSA Shipping Inc. I started in the International Shipping business at 18 and now I’m 63! I have lived in the UK, Europe, Middle East and currently in the USA and have moved overseas myself 7 times so I have a fairly good idea about what you are about to endeavor.

Our goal at UPakWeShip is to provide to you, a competitively priced all-inclusive service with no extra sneaky fees, door to door, stress free and accomplished with the best friendly experienced staff in the business.

UPakWeShip was originally set up about 15 years ago as I believed some people were more than capable of packing their own things rather than what some movers call a “professional”. As a private individual and not some fancy corporate executive you would not only save a bunch of money but end up doing a much better pack job than what you might receive from a mover. My theory is the good professional moving crews are all tied up on the well-paid corporate jobs leaving you with the trainees or even worse the day laborers. So, with the right materials and some basic training like watching “pack like a pro” you can do a better job in your own time and not have any strangers in your house. Oh, and by the way, the old wife’s tale movers spread about that if you pack yourself your things will get held up in customs is rubbish. If that was the case, we would not have been in business for all this time. Customs at the destination have no idea who packed your things thousands of miles away!

One of the issues we realized early on was when you send a shipment overseas, you are relying on an agent to take care of your customer and do a good job. Agents are often chosen by picking the one with the lowest price which then can cause service issues and extra charges being charged to the customer at the destination to make up for the low bidding price. We found this experience frustrating, and it was having a negative effect on our customers feedback and reviews. The answer was simple although a little expensive, but we solved the whole issue by opening our own offices staffed with our own people in the UK, Europe and of course the USA. Now we not only have full control of customer service expectations but also transportation costs, making sure there are no “extra sneaky fees” being charged to you at the destination before delivery and living up to the saying, One Company Door to Door!

We know we are not perfect, no one can ever be in a service industry, but I can tell you that all of us really do try our best. We are not some huge corporations worrying about shareholder profits, just a family business built with personal service.

If you have any questions or concerns, just reach out to our sales team. They are not on commission; they are not going to sell you something you don’t need. They do however participate like everyone else at UPakWeShip in our quarterly bonus program based on the performance of the company and the individual.

I do hope we can be of service to you and take care of your precious belongings for your move overseas.

Thanks for reading this.

Bon Voyage and Happy Packing.


Mark Nash
CEO UPakWeShip & EuroUSA Shipping Inc
Author of “Moving Overseas” The definitive guide. Download free here.
AKA The International Moving Doctor

One company door to door, operations in USA, Canada, Europe, and the UK!