International Pallet Shipping

The pallet service is the most economical for shipping overseas. Find yourself a pallet, load and secure it and we will collect it from you and ship it through to your new place overseas. If you are shipping clothes and non-fragile items, this is the perfect service for you. If you have more fragile items like musical instruments, pictures, kitchenware, glass for example then we would recommend our U Crate service.

Pallet Shipping Overview

You provide your own standard PALLET(s) (48 × 40 inch), you load it and we collect it & ship it overseas to your new home.

A very simple easy and cost effective way to move boxes and small furniture items.

Pallets are 48×40 and prices are based on up to 45 inches tall or 72 inches tall.

Discounts available for multiple pallets shipped.

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