UPakWeShip Terms & Conditions

Updated: 2/26/2021

Unless otherwise stated, all shipments door to door include shipping, customs clearance, terminal handling and delivery. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are to mainland country locations only (no island destinations). Shipments to port only, unless otherwise stated, do not include customs clearance, port fees, terminal handling and delivery. Rates are valid per the service specification listed above and are based on equipment availability. Rates are valid for 30 days from booking to collection date and possibly subject to change thereafter. Unless stated otherwise, you are responsible for wrapping and packing all items securely into boxes and wrapping furniture items with moving blankets or bubble wrap covered with cardboard. If items are not packed, stacked and secured properly, we cannot guarantee their safe arrival. Each box or item of furniture needs to be labelled. We require a down payment of $750 or local currency equivalent per PALLET or U-CRATE kit before sending out to you any U-CRATE or PALLETS and $2,000 or local currency equivalent down payment before securing a booking of a shipping container on a vessel. If you cancel before U CRATES / pallets have been dispatched to you or container has been booked on a vessel within 48 hours of making a booking you will get down payment returned less 10% ; if after 48 hours you will receive a 75% refund. If U-CRATES/PALLETS have been dispatched to you for loading or container or truck equipment has already been dispatched or is cancelled within 48 hours of loading date then the down payment cannot be refunded. Once equipment is booked, changes to truck collection details/dates incur a $50 rebooking fee, container date changes incur a $150 rebooking fee; changes are based on equipment availability. down payments are to be paid online with no processing fee. U-CRATE 50/100 and PALLETS are normally delivered to curbside or driveway. U-CRATE 200 and shared container service includes ground floor delivery into residence.


Rates do not include the handling of large heavy items such as but not limited to pianos, safes and pool tables, or the shipping of cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles unless otherwise specified. Maximum weight per service: 500lbs per Pallet (Small) or per U-CRATE 50; 1,000lbs per PALLET (Large) or per U-CRATE 100; and 1,800lbs per U-CRATE 200. Any additional weight will be charged at $2.00 per lb. Rates do not include General Average, declared force majeure, storage, demurrage, GST, quarantine or fumigation fees, customs inspection / security charges or X Ray fees, parking or permit related charges, emergency fuel surcharges, customs duties, taxes or any charges related to difficult access at origin or destination address. You must be at your destination prior to your shipment arriving. Shipment must be paid in full before shipping.


We accept payment as follows:


USA: ACH with no transaction fee or wire transfer. ACH & wire transfers must be initiated by you or your bank. If you pay the balance online by credit card there will be an additional 5% processing fee charged. Payments by check can be deposited into our account at any Wells Fargo bank location, and providing us with the verified deposit receipt.


Canada: Wire transfer with no transaction fee or pay the balance online by credit card with an additional 5% processing fee charged.


UK and Europe: Bank Transfer, Wire transfer or Credit Card with no transaction fees.


Rates exclude any AQIS (Quarantine Fees) if shipping to Australia or New Zealand.


If you are using any of our equipment at our terminals or offices or loading a SHIPPING CONTAINER, PALLET or U-CRATE, this is done at your own risk and you the shipper agree under no circumstances to hold UPakWeShip / EuroUSA Shipping Inc and or its subcontractors and terminal operators liable for any injury or damage however caused.


Whilst it is our job to make the logistics run smoothly at all times, trucks can break down, hit bad weather, get lost or run late and we cannot be held responsible for any compensation if a truck or container does not arrive on time. Shipping lines can change schedules at short notice therefore dates and times are only estimated and we cannot be held responsible for any delays. In the event of any loss or damage arising from the fault or neglect of UPakWeShip / EuroUSA Shipping Inc, liability will be limited to $0.20 per pound. Whilst we or our agents will always endeavor to deliver U-CRATE 50 and 100 and PALLETS to curbside, customs or other government or commercial establishments might need to open them for inspection beforehand which can result in contents being delivered “loose” into your ground floor residence due to logistical or other reasons beyond our control. Unless otherwise stated, self-load shipping containers include 2 hours for loading and unloading time and an hourly waiting time rate thereafter but due to driver Electronic Driver Log requirements, extended container loading time (usually over 6 hours) may result in a layover or drop/pick fee (check with your coordinator).

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