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Welcome to UPakWeShip, the only company in the world specializing in letting you pack your own things, therefore saving you money compared to a regular mover.

UPakWeShip has its own offices and staff in the UK, Europe and the USA allowing  90% of all moves handled door to door by just one company, UPakWeShip.

Together with its best in class customer service, we are offering you three easy options to make your move quick, easy, safe and cost effective.

Feel free to browse around  the site to get information on our different services, customs procedures, answers to questions, pictures and more.

Thank you and “Happy Packing”

No Hidden Fees.     Price Guaranteed.     The Smarter Way To Move Overseas. 

Welcome to UPakWeShip, the only company in the world specializing in letting you pack your own things, therefore saving you money compared to a regular mover.

UPakWeShip has its own offices and staff in the UK, Europe and the USA allowing  90% of all moves handled door to door by just one company, UPakWeShip.

Together with its best in class customer service, we are offering you three easy options to make your move quick, easy, safe and cost effective.

Feel free to browse around  the site to get information on our different services, customs procedures, answers to questions, pictures and more.

Thank you and “Happy Packing”

What Our Happy Customers Have To Say!

Matt Ackerman
June 10, 2024

Clear instructions and ghreat communication, will use again for any future international moves

Jim Garrison
June 3, 2024

I used UPakWeShip to move household items from Texas to Portugal. The process was clearly documented by them and went smoothly. My items were received in good condition in about 8 weeks (sooner than I expected). I would recommend them for any one planning an overseas move.

Buddy Fordham
June 3, 2024

Everything was handled with the utmost care. There were delays with the shipping but that had nothing to do with UPakWShip. All questions and concerns were given fast responses from both James and Rebecca. Both of them made the move from Europe to Texas easy and mostly stress free.

Yuliya Smirnova
May 27, 2024

Palette shipment to Portugal went smoothly, everything was delivered undamaged. Timeframe was in line with the one initially projected. Emails along the way were answered in a timely manner. I will also recommend using UPakWeShip for international shipment because of the very straightforward shipping documentation requirements.

Tina Stauffer
May 10, 2024

I only had great experiences with UPakWeShip. One move from USA to Germany, a second one back from Germany to USA and both times the customer service was on par, the communication throughout the process terrific and personable, and the pricing was the best I could find. The concept of packing the palette myself on my own time is best for me and easy to do. I would certainly recommend this company for any of your moving needs!

Timothy Ramberg
May 10, 2024

UPakWeShip did a great job handling my shipment of household goods from Europe to Oregon USA. They step you through the process of everything and make it all very easy, and everything showed up in good shape. Be warned that it does take a while for the shipping, so understand you will be without your things for several months, but this was explained to me at the beginning so I was prepared.

Francisco Rivero
May 6, 2024

Excellent service, professionalism, on time, door to door, the employees are amazing... awesome!!! Thanks for everything. We really appreciate it! From Orlando, Florida to Marbella, Spain

Nicolas S
May 2, 2024

We used UPakWeShip for our move from the US to France and it went very smoothly. Communication in the US and Europe was great. Thanks Natalie and Kate! It took a month and a half door to door for a 20" container. A bit long but not due to upak. The ship line company went through all the eastern US ports and several European ports before arriving to France. Overall very positive experience. Will use them again for sure!

Iliana Panayotova
April 24, 2024

The delivery of my stuff from Madison,CT to Sofia, Bulgaria was exactly as promised - no delays, no customs hassle. Everything was in perfect condition. Actually it exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Elisabeth Schmitt
April 24, 2024

Highly recommend UPak. Very happy with the service.

Michael Kruse
April 22, 2024

My palet was delivered after 9 weeks from Chicago suburbs to Germany. During the time, they were keeping contact about the status. The transport itself is done by 3rd party truck/warehouse companies and shipping lines, UPakWeShip only organizes the route. How the palet is physically handled is up to those.

caroline ducout
April 18, 2024

I was in need to send a few boxes from the US to Europe and the company UPackWeShip answers exactly my needs at a competitive price. From the reception of the pallet in my garage in California to the delivery at my house in France the whole process was easy and smooth. I was able to pack at my own rhythm and utilize fully the whole space of the box. It arrived perfectly intact in France. Alicia in the US and Elda in Europe kept me posted of every steps, l knew at all time where my box was and what was next, the updates kept my mind at ease. I’m very grateful for their service and support. I highly recommend UPackWeShip for a light moving from US to Europe.

William Keith
March 30, 2024

We moved to Portugal, UpakWe ship was the perfect option. They gave us every thing we needed to put our crate together. It was pretty easy the hardest part was stacking all the different size boxes in a way that filled all the holes. We highly recommend "UpakWeShip"

Cor Jacobs
March 28, 2024

Shipment was well packaged. Arrived without damage.

Mark Mauren
March 26, 2024

I can't begin to thank Alicia and Elda for their kindness and patience during this move. UPakWeShip provided me with absolutely outstanding service! I moved from Michigan to Spain, and used the UCrate 100 pallet. I was VERY happy with it! Once it shipped, I received my pallet in about 6 weeks! I cannot recommend this company highly enough. The price and service were excellent!

Greg Boschert
March 21, 2024

U Crate Service from US to Portugal. Supplies shipped right to the house, easy to assemble and pack. Directions on filling out all the forms and labels. Showed up on time for pick up and delivery was on time and easy. Would use again!!

Thomas Allen
March 12, 2024

We used UPakWeShip to ship a crate from Denver, CO to Europe. The information on the website explains the process exactly. Representatives on both sides of the Atlantic are professional and extremely helpful. The entire process was incredibly easy and painless. I recommend UPakWeShip for anyone planning a move to Europe!

Lynn Hutchinson
March 4, 2024

Received good service from personnel working with UPakWeShip--professional, good information-sharing and prompt in replying to questions. We look forward to receiving our shipment soon.

I used this service in Nov 2023 to travel from the US to the UK. I had them deliver the pallet of packing supplies a couple months in advance so I could make sure everything fit. They picked the pallet up Nov 2nd without issue. The pallet arrived on Jan 15th the same condition it was picked up. No items were shifted or damaged. Whole delivery took about 10 weeks which was a tad longer than expected but with it being the holidays I imagine that was a factor. The paperwork they sent was simple and instructions were easy to follow. If you're moving internationally I would recommend this service. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to pack and fit everything you're taking and know how much space you need before you order your pallets.

Kristin McClary
February 21, 2024

We just received our shipment of 3-U100 crates from South Carolina, USA to Faro, Portugal. Took just about 10 weeks and everything is in perfect condition. I highly recommend UPakWeShip, it was the best price for us, shipped through customs in Rotterdam which was smooth sailing and delivered into our garage. Thank you Alicia and Elda for all your support with our household belongings.

Abhilash N
February 19, 2024

We used UPakWeShip to ship our stuff from the US to the Netherlands. We had constant communication both in the US and Europe on the various status of the package. We were able to get answers to all our question, and the package was delivered safely, on time and intact

Pamela Gibson
February 16, 2024

The services of UCrate (US)/UPakWeShip (EU) was unparalleled with support throughout the shipping process. At all times, we had a “contact person” to guide us and keep us informed of the status of our crate. Our belongings were picked up from our US doorstep and delivered to our new European doorstep. The shipping process was seamless and relatively quick. I would highly recommend this shipping company and use them again in the future.

Theodora Todorova
February 6, 2024

Great service, shipping was as agreed, Alicia and Elda were very friendly, explained the process of shipping. Received the crate the way I packed it. Thank you so much ladies. Will recommend the company and if I have to, will use it again.

dawn simpson
January 17, 2024

We had a great experience moving our pallets we UPakWeShip to Portugal. We had support and communication throughout the process and would highly recommend them

C Volcan
January 9, 2024

Great selection of products

Blair W
January 4, 2024

After experiencing horrible treatment with another company felt compelled to leave a good review to this one based on their communication. Even though sadly we did not work out coordinating a help with move as they advised they no longer do smaller moves from Canada, they were extremely prompt to respond and be honest about the situation which is appreciated. If I ever do a huge move I will make sure to come back to them.

Gerry Felix
December 30, 2023

We found Upakweship to be very through in their instructions and terrific in staying in touch with us. We would definately use their service again. Gerry Felix

iceboy kold
December 27, 2023

Our move with Upak was great! We moved from Boston, MA, in the United States to France. We just finished unloading all our stuff, and it is all in perfect condition! Upak made a difficult transition much easier than I expected. Everyone including the pick up and drop off drivers were really professional and helpful. We also used the storage service in Rotterdam and that worked well as was very inexpensive. Definitely recommend the Ucrate 100.

December 20, 2023

My wife and I have just received our shipment on time and in excellent condition. The communications were just first class and very professional. We used the 500 lbs. Ucrate from Roanoke, Virginia USA door to door to Magnac Laval France. We just could not be more pleased with U PACK WE SHIP. We highly recommend this shipping service, and our import coordinating agents name was Elda Martinez. She is a real professional and keeping us updated and completely informed from the moment our shipment set sail right up to the day the freight truck pulled up right to our front door. Great job Elda. We thank you. Thomas and Hilde Wilkens Magnac Laval France.

Tim Casad
December 6, 2023

I used UPakWeShip for my move from Seattle to Portugal. Throughout the process, they were communicative and delivered my cargo in a timely fashion. Alicia Hawk was great to work with, coordinating and directing me to their European counterparts so that I always had a way to find out the status of things. They were recommended to me by friends that had used them for European moves, and I would do the same.

Jon Burslem
December 1, 2023

I needed a company that would help me relocate my belongings from US back to UK and after some searching, I chose UPakWeShip for a couple of reasons, they were reasonable priced and allowed me to pack my own stuff in my own time. On the US side of thing Alicia was very helpful and quick to respond to any questions I had. The crate was dropped off (I went for the U100). It was a simple process to build/load, would recommend having another person help put the last side and top on and also help with the strapping, it can be done on your own but would be easier with 2. After all the paper work had been completed and the crate picked up, I had about 3 weeks to wait before it was given a ship (probably had to wait to fill a container) which was fine with me as it allowed me to arrive in UK and prepare.. Cargo ship set sail on the 9th Nov and arrived in UK on the 24th Nov then had to clear customs which I thought would take a while (they say allow up to 10 days). During the time the crate was on ship and up until day of delivery James on the UK side kept in touch and gave updates during this time. My crate was delivered on 30th November, undamaged and just the way I wrapped and packed it. Even the 2 guys that delivered it were very helpful.. If anyone needs to move stuff to a different country I will tell them to look at UPakWeShip..

Beth Little
December 1, 2023

Great experience and communication from start to finish. I packed two crates in New Jersey and two months later I received them in Spain and in perfect condition. The communication at all stages was excellent -- from the proposal to the instructions for packing and finally to the delivery arrangments. Highly recommend.

Didrik Nordström
November 28, 2023

UPakWeShip moved our stuff from California to Spain which took ~8 weeks. We used their U-crate 100 which was easy to pack. It had a couple of scratches on the outside but all our stuff were intact. It's a bit of a self-service thing, so you still have to pack and unpack on the street/curb if you're in an apartment. The big upside is transparent up-front pricing and lots of resources directly on their website. Everything else was handled through swift and helpful email support. Most competitors are stuck in the 1900s. You have to call for a quote and talk to sales reps. They are known for up-charging you later, or pressuring you which is easy because most people don't know anything about the shipping industry. You have to supply your own box or crate. The only thing I wished for is that pick-up/delivery window could be more narrow. 10am-5pm (or similar) is a big commitment in a residential context with public streets and limited parking/loading spaces.

David Taylor
November 27, 2023

uPakWeShip was absolutely great. They were timely at every point, getting us our palette for the uBox100 in just a couple days, pickup right on time, and our goods from pickup > doorfront delivery only took 8 weeks, all at the best price we saw for any shipper. James R and Alicia H were both very communicative and took care to ensure we had what we needed, sent clear directions, and gave updates on request consistently. I would highly recommend this service for anyone looking to relocate internationally!

Alan W
November 20, 2023

I found UPakWeShip to be an excellent service. From my first inquiries to final delivery, Communication was clear, concise, and timely, Responsiveness was awesome. Every step was coordinated. From salesman to scheduling, to pickup, to shipping, to arrival to delivery. I was kept well informed and felt very comfortable with the entire process. Thanks for making what could have been a nerve-wracking process very smooth and effortless.

Shane Robison
November 1, 2023

Alicia and the team were phenomenal and answered all of my questions. The process was very smooth and I plan to use them again in the future. Update: Received my package and all the items in great shape within the time frame suggested. James and the UK team were fantastic and the delivery team was class. Very happy with my service!

Ilya Bossov
October 23, 2023

Used this company twice for international shipping. Excellent service, communications, well worth the money. And it is very convenient to have the big things delivered door to door.

Wm Wn
October 8, 2023

Having moved several times internationally & for another move from California to Netherlands, I was looking for something between full housing goods movers & just luggage. UPWS came through as a solid solution. The U-Pack100 pallet kit was the right size/volume for my needs, straightforward to build/use, and the pickup and delivery on both ends and status in between was overall good. Communication & scheduled dates could be a bit better but in the end they were responsive & worked through it. Between a high-4 to 5 stars....

Moises Abreu
October 6, 2023

The experience I had with UPakWeShip was simply fantastic. From the sales phase to the execution phase. They have very competent and friendly employees. I would definitely recommend their services.

Brian Marshall McCreery
September 19, 2023

Can only but give the Company a 5 star + rating. From beginning at the hands of Alicia Hawk right up to the end, the service was impeccable. One's treasured goods that you hope are going to arrive intact and secure, you find that they do, as if they had never left. The paperwork that might have been a little daunting, Alicia was always at hand to help. The fear that the ship might go down in a storm or the customs who might steal your goods, it just never happened. I am content

Paul Thompson
September 18, 2023

After a few hiccups on the pickup date, this was quickly resolved and, so far seems to be going smoothly. More to add once delivery is complete.

Jay Graham
September 13, 2023

This is the 3rd time we've used UPakWeShip, easy to deal with, responsive and timely with updates on the process. From initial contact through navigating customs declarations and keeping us updated all along the way, excellent. Our coordinator, Ryan, goes that extra mile to ensure the details are correct and the shipper (us) is fully coached through the process. Highly recommended.

Melissa Galvao
July 31, 2023

We had no idea what to expect... a Google Search on 'how to ship from US to Portugal' brought us to various sites that I actually reached out to but had received delayed or automatic responses. UPakWeShip was the first and only site that had video's and direct answers to my specific questions. I heard back from someone (A PERSON - not a computer) within 24 hours. I know I shouldn't say this but I was so grateful for the human interaction and level of knowledge that I didn't care what their services cost 😂, I was going to use this company. In all fairness, the quote was competitive, not the least expensive and not the most expensive. When we made our appointment to go to the Walterboro Terminal in South Carolina, I was anxious and nervous because I had never seen an operation like this. It was a HUGE metal warehouse (no air flow and no air conditioning, so dress appropriately). The staff there are like family, literally after one afternoon, they have been invited to Christmas Dinner. They were kind, thoughtful and genuinely wanted to make things as easy as possible while we organized and packed our crates. I would recommend and sing their praises all day long. Moving to another country carries many stresses and the Team at Walterboro made sure that this one major part (2800lbs of household goods), was not going to be a worry for long. Thank you isn't good enough so please know, you have friends in Portugal, a free stay to any of you who end up on our side of the pond 💕

Jennifer Jacobs
July 27, 2023

Our experience with UPakWeShip was great. We packed 3 UCrate 100s and shipped them from NC to Portugal. Everything arrived on time and in once piece. Alicia was our point of contact and she was always available to help answer our questions. We would highly recommend!

Ray Burns
July 24, 2023

UPakWeShip were extremely helpful in answering all of our questions regarding our move from South Carolina to Spain. Mark and his staff were extremely communicative and the price worked out great! I would highly recommend!

Edward Schaller
July 18, 2023

I am happy to say I had a completely smooth transaction with these guys and would definitely recommend them. Everything was as described. There were no hidden fees and I had no problems with the pickup or the shipping of my two U-Crate 100s. The amount of communication I received at each step of the process was excellent and each person I spoke to was very friendly and helpful, especially James and Karlee. It's not an especially cheap service (shipping in general), but *everything* arrived unbroken, even the wine glasses. So it was worth it to me in the end to get all of my stuff back in perfect shape and with no headaches.

Silvia Fuechsel
July 14, 2023

I was very nervous going into such a big project of moving my items from Germany to the US, but I am delighted to report that all went well. James and Stephen handled the initial questions and logistics on the Europe side of things. I was rather confused about the insurance forms, but I sent those questions in quite late. The exact date for pick-up couldn't be confirmed until a week or so beforehand, but that was fine in the end. The pick-up team was professional and helpful, double-checked my list of items. I loved being able to track the container ship once my things were shipped up from the warehouse. Then once my shipment arrived at the port we scheduled a date for drop-off. Karlee was very responsive to my questions and sent out a good transport person to bring me my things. The total time frame from pick-up to drop-off was about 10 weeks, which was within the timeframe they gave me. Everything arrived in good condition. The price was competitive and I felt like I was in good hands.

Warren Peltz
July 14, 2023

We moved from Italy to Oregon. The instructions for the packing and loading were great. The one thing that I can not stress enough is to load equally sized boxes wherever possible. We greatly appreciated the scheduling and tracking throughout the process. UPakWeShip is a great cost saving alternative to a shipping container.

Brian Alexander
July 13, 2023

We used Upak twice and both experiences were great. Considering the logistics they have to coordinate to get our stuff from A to B, it was worth the money to us to just have them handle the whole thing. There's not much anyone can do when ports are backed up or whatever, but there was ample communication from Upak regarding where your stuff is, when it's expected to be somewhere, and just other general useful information. Thumbs up from us.

Erin McFee
July 13, 2023

Customer service was outstanding and I have used them for both US-->UK and UK-->US moves (100 Crate size). My sense is the pricing is fair market value. I did experience some very small logistical challenges with the local partners (not having come with the appropriate lift equipment on one end and thus postponing to the following day for pickup on one side, and an unannounced arrival on the other). Both times I was able to manage around it, but on a tighter schedule, it would have been problematic. I would use them again and just make sure to be really on top of engagement with the final local companies.

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