Committed To Excellence

UPakWeShip is an international shipping company with offices in both the United States and Europe and is the self pack division of EuroUSA Shipping. UPakWeShip specialises in international shipping and overseas moves to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other destinations worldwide and has thousands of satisfied customers. Make UPakWeShip your first choice for all your international shipping requirements. You will quickly realize that the staff at UPakWeShip are knowledgeable, friendly and always aim to please. You will get a response to most questions within the same day and we will save you money.


We know we are not the only good guys in town but there are also some not so honest ones around that will charge you a lot more than the estimate once they have your shipment, so to help you choose an honest moving company for your relocation we have devised a check list as follows:

Are they licensed with the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) This is a legal requirement. YES ?
Do they publish their physical address? (If your goods don’t show you need to know where the company is) YES ?
Do they have their own warehouse, trucks and staff? Others are often a broker relying on others to do the job for them at the cheapest possible price YES ?
Have they quoted a rate in advance in case your shipment turns out larger than expected? YES ?
Have they offered to give you the quote in writing and sent you a contract. YES ?
Check to see what company your shipment is going to at the destination and get the contact info before you leave. YES ?
Does more than one person answer the phone so you know it’s more than a one man band? YES ?
Get personal references. Always Available ?
Check out the companies address and location YES ?
Ask questions about your move to check they know what they are doing. We know! ?
Compare apples with apples, anyone can make a quote look cheaper by leaving out delivery charges, port fees, etc Everything is listed. ?
Check how long they have been in business Since 1988. ?
Avoid companies that only deal with cash up front. We don’t ?

One company door to door, operations in USA, Canada, Europe, and the UK!