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Moving services to Australia? Australia is the sixth largest continent in the world, yet it has the lowest population density, with only two people per square kilometre. In fact Australia’s population is only 19.4 million (DFAT, 2001).

From the Sydney Opera house, to Ayers Rock, Australia is a land of contrasts. Harsh deserts to huge grazing lands; sweeping golden beaches, and exotic coral reefs to mountain ranges; and tropical rainforests to modern cities. It is renowned around the world for its stunning landscapes. Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia is home to an abundance of animals and plants, many of which are unique to the continent.

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Looking for a houshold shipping quotation? UPakWeShip offer a worldwide shipping and overseas removal service. We ship to Australia, New Zealand, Europe and can airfreight personal belongings to many other destinations overseas.

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