Moving From Europe To The USA

Moving From Europe To The USA

Moving to the USA from Europe is a big deal. Whether for personal or professional reasons, there are plenty of things to keep in mind and sort out before you jet off. Wherever your new life in the USA will begin, to help you, your family, and your belongings have a safe journey, this guide will show you how to move to the USA from Europe with all the right information. From entry requirements for the USA to what visas you need – and the help of UPakWeShip EU.

Moving to the USA from Europe

The USA is a vast country made up of nearly 330 million people across 50 great states, each with its own personality and way of life. With so much choice, diversity, and opportunity, the USA is one of the most popular destinations for any European tourist. Not only that, it’s why European emigrants favour the USA when they look to leave their home countries and start a new life.

So what’s stopping you? Well, moving country and continent isn’t quite as easy as it seems for good reason. But nothing is impossible. With the right advice, guidance, and preparation on how to move to the USA, the whole process will be more straightforward, including how to ship your possessions to your new home. So let’s look at some of your main priorities.

Things to keep in mind

The USA has plenty of stark contrasts compared to Europe. Making the cultural shift can be confusing depending on where you choose to live, as many things change from state to state. But other considerations are the essential legal documentation you need to help you move to the USA from Europe. Let’s break it down into more detail.

Where are you going?

Where you move to in the USA might depend on whether you’re moving there for work. Alternatively, you may be moving there to be closer to family or friends. In both cases, it means your state destination is already chosen for you, and you’re likely to live in the same state for ease and proximity.

But you might also be moving there with a blank canvas, choosing a state because you like east or west coast city life or the vast open space and rugged terrain of the mid-west. With over 3,796,742 square miles, you have a lot of choice – and a lot of variety in weather, law, culture, and traditions. This is why you should consider each region and state to understand what it will be like to live there.

But whatever state you live in, you probably won’t have an exact new home address at this stage. So when it comes to arranging your shipping services to move your possessions across the Atlantic, you can always get booked in and update your actual address later.

Visa regulations for the USA

When you move to the USA from Europe, you’ll need a visa to suit the reason for your stay and whether you’ll be a temporary visitor or a permanent resident. There are around 185 different US visa types, but these are split into two main categories:

Non-immigrant visas

These visas are required for any temporary visit, including holidays, business, family, study, or work. They allow you to stay in the USA until the visa expires, when you’re expected to return home. There are waiver schemes, but most non-immigrant visas are only valid for 90 days.

Immigrant visas

This type of visa is required for permanent residence anywhere in the USA, either individually, for employment or investor reasons, for example, or as a family. While much harder to obtain, once you get stamped approval, the visa is valid for 1 year and allows the processing of your green card, which gives you the same rights as any US resident.

Moving to the USA with your pets

The USA is a fantastic, pet-friendly place, and your pets are welcome as part of your family. But it can take some planning to make it possible for your cats, dogs, or other pets to join you. You’ll need to make sure that:

  • Your pet is microchipped
  • You hold a valid, certified health certificate (and an English translation) detailing breed, weight, age, sex, and overall health
  • You hold a valid, certified vaccination record with proof of rabies vaccination

Some pets might not be able to travel with you as some states can have laws against allowing certain animals in. You should speak with your local vet to get more information about animals that might not qualify as pets, such as snakes, ferrets, and birds.

If you have all the relevant paperwork and clearances for your pet, you should check if they can fly on your chosen airline. Some flight operators may also need the above information, plus a photo. They’ll also decide if your pet can be with you in the cabin or will need to be in the plane’s hold.

The US healthcare system

The US operates on an insurance-based system, similar to much of Europe. Unless your healthcare is covered by your new employer when you move to the US, you’ll need to pay as much as you can afford for healthcare yourself. While healthcare insurance isn’t mandatory, medical bills can be incredibly high, even for minor treatments, so it’s best you apply for it straight away.

The US education system

The high standards of the US education system are a significant reason why so many students travel and study in America. But US education starts at pre-school, kindergarten, and elementary school until age 10 or 11, through middle or junior high school until age 14 or 15, and high school until age 18.

Children generally go to separate schools for each period of their education, but each should be within your local area. However, standards can differ from place to place, so, like in your home country, it’s best to research before enrolling anywhere.

Buying or renting a property in the USA

When you first arrive in the US, temporarily renting a home or apartment until you feel settled enough to buy your own property is usual. Many rental leases are fixed for 6 or 12 months, so you can sign whichever option suits your needs, but prices will differ from region to region.

When the time is right to buy a suitable property, usually when your job has started, and you can apply for finance, you can enter the housing market. US estate realtors are extremely helpful and can give you all the help and guidance you need.

How to move to the USA from Europe with UPakWeShip EU

Moving to the USA from Europe can give you plenty to think about. But moving your world with UPakWeShip EU will make your journey much more manageable. As the only company specialising in international self-pack shipping, we can save you money with cost-effective international moving rates for crates and containers.

We even have a range of customs forms, other essential documents to help get the ball rolling for you, and a cost calculator to see the latest prices on all our shipping services. When you move your life to the USA from Europe, we’ll help you find the service that best suits your needs and competitive shipping insurance to cover you. Contact us today by calling +31(0)6 21 61 76 19 or emailing to book now or get your free quote.

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