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U UNITS UPakWeShip & UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Partnership UNITS Moving and Portable Storage and UPakWeShip have collaborated to provide you with the best of both worlds when it comes to excellence, transparency and superior customer service, seamless self-load door to door options from the USA to most overseas destinations,...

  Do USA TV’s work overseas?   In the old days this answer was no unless you wanted to play the same system videos or DVD’s, as the signal and formats were different.   But nowadays however, none of this matters on new TV's as modern digital  TV’s are 16:9 ratio and use 720p...

 We loaded a 40 foot shipping container today at our Netherlands office with shipments all bound for America. As you can see from the rear we have pallets as well as UPakWeShip's unique U Crates keeping everything safe and sound during the voyage for moving and shipping everything to the USA. We...

   Look at these nicely loaded U Crate 100's getting ready to be picked up and trucked to our South Carolina terminal to be consolidated and shipped over the pond to England. Thanks Miami FD for helping getting those straps tight. Bon Voyage and have a warm beer and a pork pie...

If you haven't watched the International Moving Doctors video on how to complete a packing list when you are shipping your things overseas, then I suggest you should :-) It explains how to produce a "customs friendly" list of all your things you are shipping by typing a list as...

Are you facing the daunting task of shipping furniture to the USA? You're not alone in this challenge. Many individuals and families, whether relocating to the USA for a new home or simply looking to send cherished pieces across borders, have encountered the complexities and uncertainties of international furniture shipping...

Are you daydreaming about the enchanting streets of Europe, the rich history, and the diverse cultures? The allure of relocating to Europe from the USA is undeniable, but the path to making that dream a reality can often seem like an insurmountable challenge. Questions like "How to move to Europe...

   Here's a picture of our customers U Crate 100's in Edinburgh waiting for pick up for shipping to Fort Collins Colorado. UPakWeShip's U Crates are the smart way to relocate, keeping all your items safe in the crates. Its a lump sum price whatever you can fit into the crates...

  We are looking for an international shipping coordinator to help join our busy operations team in the USA. Shipping experience is a must with a can-do helpful attitude and geographical knowledge. Great phone etiquette and good typing and computer skills are also a must.  Salary depending on experience. We offer...

  Just letting you know that all our U Crate Kits are now going out with UPakWeShip QR code stickers on them so you can scan the code with your phone and see the directions on how to put the U Crates together as soon as they are delivered. You can...