How to Reduce the Stress of Moving Overseas

The honest truth is, moving anywhere adds a lot to your plate. The A-Z of moving is usually expensive and time-consuming, and right now there’s a lot of plans being moved around to accommodate the international circumstances. But, moving abroad is also extremely exciting.

Where you’ll be living, house hunting, the prospect of starting anew, all of these are the fun aspects of moving. The initial thoughts can seem like a distant memory when the hard work begins, so how can you make the whole process feel less stressful?

Organize Yourself

From the start, you need to be a step ahead. Take time at the very beginning of your moving process to write a list of everything you need to do, and the timeframe in which they need to be completed.

Initially, this may feel overwhelming, but by breaking it all down, you can create an efficient plan of what you need to be doing and when, which will avoid you from feeling overwhelmed with tasks, and will (hopefully) make everything feel a lot more manageable.

Get Time on Your Side

This cannot be emphasised enough. The more time you have, the more organized you’ll be, the more organized you are, the less stress it will be. Simple logic, right?

If you’re moving abroad, everything task has an expiry date. Book pickups, deliveries and shipments way in advance. If you don’t have a designation address yet, don’t worry! Movers will be able to edit the details later down the line, the main thing is that it’s arranged in the first place.

Take off some of the financial burden

One of the easiest ways to lessen the financial burden, is by packing yourself. Yes, this does mean you’ll need to be more organized, but it also can save you a lot of money. Packing yourself means you know exactly what you’ll be packing and where it will go. It also allows you to organize items that are of sentimental value, where packers may not necessarily take as much care.

Consider a self-pack, door-to-door service such as UPakWeship, to lighten both your mental and physical loads. Your own crate will be delivered, you pack it up, and we’ll collect it on a date pre-organised. It means a lot less waiting around, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge your belongings are en route to their destination. Plus, with offices in the USA and Canada, you know everything will be in safe hands!

Reassure Yourself With Safety Precautions

It’s natural to be worrying about moving abroad right now, but we have moved thousands of families, employees and individuals this year. The world doesn’t stop turning and houses are being bought,  job contracts signed and visas accepted – people still need to get to their new homes.

The best way to feel safe when moving, is to research all of the regulations and restrictions on your new country so that you feel confident upon your arrival. As per usual, bringing hand sanitizer, anti-bac wipes and wearing a mask are also going to be crucial to staying clean and safe. And the number one way to stay safe when moving is by using a self-packing mover, so that you don’t have any strangers coming into your home, touching all of your belongings and moving around your house.

Start Small

Once the list is made, tackle one thing at a time. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you’ve given yourself enough time, you can start to slowly cross the life-admin bits off your list, building up to the bigger tasks in due course, so that everything doesn’t feel quite so overwhelming.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a hand

Almost everyone will move at least once during their lifetime. This means the chances are, those around you will be both supportive and willing to lend a hand if necessary. Not only does having an extra pair of hands help, but it will also remove some of the emotional burden, and you’ll probably have more fun with someone to chat to!

Be courteous enough to give your friends and family a bit of notice, and make sure to show your gratitude (a cup of tea and a bottle of wine goes a long way)!

Don’t let the stress of moving abroad put you off. If you’re looking for an international mover, ensure to use a company with a no-hidden-fees policy and fantastic feedback from customers. We’re proud to have both – find a quote for your move online today!

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