Moving Germany to USA review

A nice customer posted this on our reviews site today. “Well done UPakWeShip EU and USA”

   WOW!!! Great Service – Great Experience!!!

Thank you for a great experience!

As a family we decided we wanted to experience living in Germany, but when the time came to return to the States we turned to UPakWeShip to help us bring some of our “Memories” back with us.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

What a great service you provided. Instructions are all straight forward and laid out step by step. The shipping materials arrived, we packed everything we wanted to take back with us and than watched as the crate was loaded on a truck and hauled away. Several weeks later, we got notification that our things were cleared through Customs and would be delivered the next day. No damage to the packing crate, no damage to the items inside! What a relief.

Thank You UPakWeShip for a great experience and a professional, simple process.

Hope to use your services again in the future and definitely would recommend UPakWeShip to anyone looking to ship items to or from Europe.

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