Moving Overseas? The Final Countdown

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It’s approaching quickly – the day when you’ll be saying goodbye to your belongings and they’ll be traveling on a ship around the world! Try not to be stressed; you hired experts that will help you each step of the way. Here is a checklist for your move, laid out in achievable increments:

2+ Months Before
You know you’re moving overseas. You’ve found UPakWeShip to be a perfect match for your needs. You’ve contacted us and spoke with our friendly and experienced staff. Here’s a few other things that can help:
Have a clean-out at home. Haven’t used it/worn it/seen it in the last year? Give it to a friend, sell it online, or at a yard sale. Consider donating items.
Create a space (a spare bedroom, garage, or basement) to put items you’ve packed already. This will keep down on the clutter in the rest of your home.
Tell everyone you know that you are moving. You may find your friends have contacts in your new destination that you can talk to and meet.

1 Month Before
Have your UPakWeShip documents signed and returned to your coordinator.
Do you have an address at your destination? Forward this to your coordinator asap.
Keep on clearing out your house, don’t forget electronics may not work in your new home. Buying adaptors for every electronic may not be cost-effective.
Are you planning on putting anything in storage in the US? Now is the time to arrange a location and start moving things to the storage unit. We offer warehouse storage in a crate which is a lot cheaper than self-storage lockers. Just ask for our rates and options!
Consider and consolidate which US bank accounts you are going to keep open for paying any US bills and also for keeping a line of credit open in the US should you return.
Relax! You are already being proactive, you are ahead of the game!

3 Weeks Before
Make sure all of your documents have been signed and returned to your coordinator.
Need to make any adjustments to the size of your shipment? Just let us know if you think your shipment is going to be bigger or smaller than you originally planned.
Make sure your packing supplies have been ordered.

???????????????????????????????????? 2 Weeks Before
Start packing up any items you are not using. For tips on packing properly, visit our “Pack Like A Pro” presentation Don’t pack your boxes too heavy, this will prevent the boxes from breaking, your items being damaged, and you being injured lifting them.
Start using up your frozen and canned food. Yum. Share your recipes with us!

1 Week Before
You’re feeling the crunch now, but its ok! Finish up the packing, putting the finished boxes in a spot that’ll be easy for you to take outside for loading.
Some things you do not want to pack in a box, and will need to carry with you: passport, tickets, important documents, a multi-tool or a couple screw drivers and alan keys, phone charger, house and car keys…

The Day Before
Finish up the packing. Print out the labels provided by your coordinator and attach them to each box as directed. Tape up each box securely.
Get a good nights sleep. You’ll be glad you did.

Moving Day!
Moving Day Circled Calendar Important Date Reminder It’s here! You did it! You are prepared and only have to wait for the collection or take your boxes to the drop off location! Your boxes are taped and labeled properly, you’ve completed your inventory, all your paper work has been submitted, your questions are answered, and you’re excited to start your journey. Congratulations! We will take outstanding care of your goods from here to your destination.
Have a nice glass of wine or a Margarita!

Enjoy your trip and safe travels!

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    Posted at 23:02h, 04 September Reply

    This is a great list for shippers who plan ahead but UPakWeShip can also work with you if you have less time! 2 weeks or more notice is ideal =]

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