A Hot Mess, when moving from Europe to the USA

  I heard yesterday of a situation where an international moving company (not UPakWeShip) delivering a shipment into the USA from overseas came to an abrupt end as the customer who was helping unpack the kitchen items mistakenly put some of the packing material on top of the stove which caught fire. This then caused the smoke detectors to activate which triggered the water sprinklers to come on.

The result: everything made it in good shape  thousands of miles from overseas but now was soaking wet!

What do we learn from this?

Intl Moving Tips:

Please be careful when packing or unpacking in the kitchen when moving overseas. Don’t leave packing paper or cardboard anywhere near hot surfaces or fires.

Take your time when packing or unpacking, don’t rush it and make mistakes.

Make sure you have adequate insurance for the unexpected.

Wine helps!


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