Moving to the UK / EU. Any delays foreseen due to Brexit?

We have had a few inquiries from people asking us if there will be any problems with their shipment transiting from the USA to the UK /EU or visa versa? The simple answer is No. We send all shipments bound for the UK into the UK and all shipments bound for Europe into Europe direct. We have done this now for the last 12 months in preparation so we see no problems or delays caused by Brexit or Customs. We have our own offices in Europe as well as the UK so we have no need to transship from the UK to Europe.

Similarly if you are moving to the USA from either Europe or the UK our offices there will take care of all your moving needs again independently with no transshipping across any border.

UPakWeShip offers self packing door to door relocation services where you simply load up a container and we take care of the rest. Its a lump sum price door to door. See our different size containers and services here. Prices are also online here.

UPakWeShip, one company door to door has you covered in the USA, Europe and the UK.

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