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If you have more than a U Crate 200's worth of stuff and may be some furniture, consider our shared container service. We have all inclusive rates from our terminal in South Carolina to your final destination overseas. All you do is book a Pod, U Haul Crate or...

As it was Kings Day in The Netherlands yesterday, I present you two very orange nicely wrapped and stacked pallets. These are actually in our SC warehouse awaiting a container to go to England but it was nice of them to dress up in orange in accordance with Kings...

  Today I'm going to show you how we load a 40 foot shipping container at UPakWeShip. The trucker has collected an empty container from the port of Charleston and has just backed up onto our loading dock number 3. Now I have to load it with U Crates and Pallets...

Moving a 20 foot container from the West Coast to Budapest during a pandemic and shipping crisis is not the easiest international move in the world but our customer got delivery today. Thanks for being patient, enjoy the great food and beer. Glad everything got there safely and thanks for the...

  My owner packed me up with lots or personal belongings and paid an all inclusive lump sum price for me a U Crate 100 to be shipped from the USA to Germany. (This is me on the left having just been delivered to Germany) I was collected by a nice...

  Or Canada to Spain! Someone has had enough of the cold Canadian winters and is heading to warmer lands. Thanks for the perfect picture showing the U Crate 50 and U Crate 100 that you ordered from us. You have done a great job packing up everything inside as well as...

  Not the most popular of routes but I must say I have heard it is a very nice place to move overseas to.  The Two U Crate 100's pictured here looking like new after being collected in the USA, shipped over to Rotterdam, Holland, and finally trucked across to Croatia...

  Yes we got this call last week at UPakWeShip Charleston office and Natalie answered, sure, no problem, where are you moving to? It turns out Mum and Dad have sold the American family home and are retiring to Scotland and the two kids are at school in The Netherlands and...

  Those dreaded words no one wants to hear but this customer moved to East Sussex England  from Greenwich CT USA recently and asked Mum & Dad to pack up all their stuff into a U Crate 100. "sure no problem son" said Dad. Dad, on behalf of the UPakWeShip team,...

  Our U Crate 100’s are perfect to safely ship all those things you need to take with you. Leave the big furniture behind that is expensive to ship and just bring all the rest of your things. It’s great for your extra clothes, a dismantled bike, PC, monitor, maybe some...