Shipping without a destination address?

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This is a good question and hopefully a decent answer by the International Moving Doctor so I thought I would post it for everyone else to see.


I’m moving from Los Angeles to London in mid-July and the U-Crate 100 seems like the perfect option for me.

I do not yet have a permanent residence overseas and am wondering if it’s possible to book the pick-up date without a delivery address? I would be able to provide one after arriving and securing a flat in London.

Surely I can’t be the first person with this dilemma, does UPakWeShip have any standard procedure for such instances or is it up to me to figure out? Any info is appreciated, thank you!

The simple answer is yes you can ship without an address, just let us know when you have found a place so we can update your information. Don’t fret if you haven’t found a place by the time its ready for delivery as we can easily store your U Crate or pallet for about 25 Pounds or Euros per week until you need delivery.

Some other points though that should be mentioned are as follows: Wherever you are moving to in the world, there is normally a rule that stipulates that you need to be in the Country in order for local customs to clear your shipment into that country tax and duty free.

In order to obtain tax free entry of your household goods into the UK, you will need to complete a Transfer of Residence form online. ( More details on our web site) For this form you need an address but you can complete it with your work, hotel, family member or friend that you might be staying with temporarily before you find your own home.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have other questions.




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