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  Good luck to Darren Osmond, husband of UPakWeShip's UK Managing Director, Louise and also Alice Dodd who used to help UPakWeShip Social Media team who are both running the London Marathon this Sunday. We will be there cheering you on in between drinking Pimm's and eating sausage rolls! UPakWeShip is...

      Good afternoon UPakWeShip   Thank you for hiring staff who understand the benefit of offering good guidance for new customers who may not have previously shipped goods internationally.  By that I mean communication beyond the very specific and effective checklists and videos.   Alicia Hawk is exceptional at providing information that helped...

Its my granddaughter's job shadowing day and she is helping me in the office today. So I am teaching her how to do a little blog and help being an International moving doctor. She sent me this great picture of an OOCL ship being assisted by a tug leaving Charleston. Hopefully it...

After a cold start of 25 degrees I ventured out into the UPakWeShip warehouse in a sort of warm 50 degrees late morning to see what we had in the Walterboro warehouse today. We have already loaded two 40 foot shipping containers heading across to Rotterdam today full...

  Pictures of our UPakWeShip self pack 20 foot container loading in Oregon yesterday. 5 stars for the trucker who managed to collect the empty the day before from the Port of Seattle and get it to the residence in Portland on time for loading. The loaded container was then trucked...

  Always check that the moving company you are thinking of choosing is licensed. In the USA, by law if you want to be involved in shipping household goods overseas, you must have an FMC license. That stands for Federal Maritime Commission. You can got to their web site www.FMC.gov and...

    That's exactly what the International Moving Doctor is going to be doing next week! So if you have a question for the doctor, please carry on and post it but bear in mind it will be the following week before I can answer it. You can always ask John Bonney...

  I think this might be a first but UPakWeShip received a 5 star google review from this customer because of our outstanding customer service and advising them courteously, professionally and promptly that we could not unfortunately accommodate them for their overseas move out of Canada to Europe. If you are...

Need help carrying your boxes from your apartment and loading them into a U Crate? Need help staging and loading your self load 20 foot shipping container? Need help carrying things and loading your U Units container? Have no fear, we now provide moving help services. With prices for two trained loaders for a...