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If you haven't watched the International Moving Doctors video on how to complete a packing list when you are shipping your things overseas, then I suggest you should :-) It explains how to produce a "customs friendly" list of all your things you are shipping by typing a list as...

We received a container full of U Crates from our UK office today for delivery across the USA. Having our own offices in the UK and the USA allows us to ship peoples belongings seamlessly across the pond in both directions. You can see the U Crates being unloaded into...

When you are a physics professor at Purdue and obviously a very good carpenter, and moving to Germany you order a UPakWeShip pallet service and add wooden walls to it and make it a crate! Perfectly packed with same sized boxes, nicely labelled in a wood crate traveling from...

                Guess where this lovely couple are moving to? They have done such a fantastic job packing and loading their pallets. It looks like they used the same size boxes to pack everything so it all stacked nicely together. The shrink wrapping and tie straps are perfect and obviously you can see...

As it was Kings Day in The Netherlands yesterday, I present you two very orange nicely wrapped and stacked pallets. These are actually in our SC warehouse awaiting a container to go to England but it was nice of them to dress up in orange in accordance with Kings...

  Here is a great looking pallet picked up by our trucking partner SAIA . (Full marks if you can pronounce it as I've been trying to figure it out for years!) So as many of you probably know, the pallet service is a DIY thing where you find you own...

Here are the pics from todays walk about at UPakWeShip's warehouse in Walterboro, SC. Picture 1 is a fine looking U Crate 100 on its way to sunny Portugal Picture 2 is 3 cracking U Crate 100's going to lovely Ireland Picture 3 shows you what a U Crate 200 kit looks like...

     We recently moved some things for a Rock Star and he didn't have room for this in his pad so our British Sales Manager "John" who is based in Florida bought it from him and we are shipping it now to John's new home. At UPakWeShip, it doesn't matter...

I popped in to the UPakWeShip / EuroUSA office and warehouse yesterday and took some pictures. I think it will give you a good idea of how our U Crates look after travel and the various destinations we serve on any given week. So the first picture shows some of the...

Here are some cool pictures a shipper just sent of their UPakWeShip U Crate 100 collection yesterday. If you are not sure what our U Crate 100 service is...