Thinking of Moving Overseas Right Now?

If you’re thinking of moving overseas currently, your priorities may have changed from what they were three or four months ago.

One of the biggest concerns for those moving currently is adhering to social distancing measures. It’s best for everyone involved to minimise contact with others – and as a mover, we appreciate that having strangers come into your home is probably not ideal currently.

Hiring movers to pack up your belongings will, admittedly, save you a bit of time. However, it comes at the cost of having strangers in your home, using your toilet, and touching all of your belongings. Due to current measures, you also may want/need to do a thorough disinfectant and deep-clean before and after they enter your house. To summarise, the stress you thought you’d saved from not packing your own belongings is likely to be very prominent currently.

But what is the alternative?

It’s simple, you pack your belongings yourself and hire a mover to guide you through the A-Z of the self-packing process before picking up your crate of belongings from your door and dropping it off at your new address overseas.

Basically, it’s UPakWeShip.

We offer a range of services with prices which are not directed by the amount or weight of your belonging. Instead, we offer a set price for a crate, which we drop off at your doorstep for you to fill in your own time.

You spend however long or short you like to pack up your belongings, and when you’ve got a date in mind for us to pick it up, we’ll come along and take the packed U-Crate from your driveway. One person for one signature is required, whether it’s you or someone you trust, and away it goes. You can expect to see it at your front door by our estimated delivery timeframe, or we can send it into storage if you’re not quite ready for it yet!

Thinking of something slightly bigger? We also offer self-load 20ft Containers, which can be loaded by you (and, if you like, some of your strongest, closest friends or family), whilst the truck driver waits for you. Either way, you don’t need any strangers coming into your home.

UPakWeShip is an international shipping service designed with the customer in mind. Our affordable prices are all-inclusive, so you can both save money and your health. Take a look at our website for thorough details on the services which could be right for you, and for more tips and tricks to optimising your move abroad, check out our other blog posts!

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