UPakWeShip: The New Normal for Moving Overseas

When you hear the name UPakWeShip, you’ll be unsurprised to discover that we do exactly as it says on the tin.

Previously, using a self-packing moving company was largely used as a way to save money. Understandably, moving can be very expensive, and our mission has always been to make the overseas move as accessible as possible to those who want to.

Some people have a strict budget, whilst others would simply rather but in a bit of legwork during their move, and spend the money they saved elsewhere (flight upgrades, new car, new kitchen…).

However, the last year has seen a huge shift in the way people move. Unsurprisingly, people are starting to think twice about packers entering their home, touching their belongings, using their toilets, shaking hands and being in close proximity to one another.

So, what’s the solution?

A UPakWeShip move!

Whilst other movers are suddenly scrabbling to get together a smooth, uninterrupted self-packing service in a matter of weeks and months, we’ve been perfecting it for years.

The UPakWeShip service has always been contactless (otherwise we’d have to have a serious think about rebranding) and 2020 has proven just how invaluable it can be to have this option.

Packing yourself may feel like a bit of elbow grease, but the money it saves and the safety measures it guarantees will be invaluable in the long-term. If you have a couple of trustworthy friends (within your country’s restriction allowance, of course), why not get them involved? Offer coffee, beer or buy them dinner – it will STILL cost you less money than having the ‘real deal’ enter your home – and you’ve got a better idea of where they’ve been!

Our EU self-packing services come in two forms: Pallets and U-Crates.


Let’s go through the difference…


A U-Crate is a specially designed, UPakWeShip ‘box’ which comes in two sizes: 50 cubic feet and 100 cubic feet. Upon booking, you will organise a day with your shipping coordinator for the U-Crate to be delivered in a flatpack form. On the pre-arranged ‘collection day’ you simply take it onto the curb, set it up (instructions are included), and pack your boxes into it. Our U-Crates are a bespoke design, created specifically to maximise the safety and security of your shipment.

Everything will be pre-arranged with your shipping coordinator, who will have walked you through all of the steps necessary for your move. We will come and collect the fully packed U-Crate, and it will appear on your doorstep in 6-8 or 10-12 weeks time, dependent on it destination.


Most of us are familiar with pallets – they’re found around most warehouses, garden centres of DIY stores. If you decide to go with our pallet service, it’s worth finding out where they are locally, often you can save money an old, used one for free.

On collection day, you pack your belongings in boxes onto the pallets, secure it safely using any mechanism you choose (we recommend strong plastic wrap and plenty of cable ties) and we will come and collect your pallet from your curb.

However you choose to move, our contactless moving service offers a safe alternative. A further bonus to not having packers come into your home, is that we are also able to offer extremely competitive prices. Our prices are available on our website, and are all-inclusive and determined by the service, not the weight – so you won’t have any nasty surprises on the other end of your move.

Wondering how much your move will cost? Why not take a look at our website right now. We also operate in the USA, Canada and the UK.

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