Shipping & Moving to New Zealand

Travelling or Moving to New Zealand


New Zealand or Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud) as it is referred to by the Maori people, is a country of rare natural beauty. From it’s snow covered mountain ranges to it’s wonderful long golden beaches, New Zealand is a place to be enjoyed by all.

New Zealand has vast native forests and clear pristine lakes, and, with no snakes or dangerous wild animals, New Zealand is the perfect country to bring up children and to enjoy outdoor activities. New Zealand has about the same land size as, say, Great Britain, Japan or California. New Zealand has a population of approximately 4 million people. It is divided into two main islands (the North Island and South Island) with many smaller islands in the surrounding ocean. With a mix of medium and large cities and small rural townships so you are sure to find a place and pace of life that suits your lifestyle.


New Zealand Culture


New Zealand is made up of many cultures of which the Pakeha (European) and Maori are the major two. The main languages spoken in New Zealand are English and Maori. The major movement of migrants to New Zealand is from the UK, South Africa, Australia, Korea, USA, China, India and Polynesia. If you are a little apprehensive of moving to New Zealand there are clubs and cultural communities representing different nationalities that make it possible for you to contact fellow migrants in New Zealand.


Things to do


New Zealand is a place for people to relax and for adventure seekers alike. With literally hundreds of peaceful and scenic walking tracks there is something for the novice through to the experienced.

For adventure seekers you can experience the ecstasy of a bungee jump, the excitement of a Shotover jet boat ride and the thrill of snowboarding all in the same day. Other New Zealand attractions include swimming with dolphins, whale watching, sailing, wildlife centres and zoos, the Fiordland National Park, white water rafting and caving to name but a few.


Some information about moving with UPaKWeShip


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UPaKWeShip Moving Tips: Taking Pets and Animals to New Zealand


Because New Zealand is an island, relatively distant from other countries and surrounded by water, they have been fortunate enough to remain free from many pests and diseases which exist in other countries. In fact, right now, New Zealand has less than ten percent of the world’s known pests, and they would like to keep it that way

New Zealand places great importance on the lack of disease in this country. For this reason there are certain requirements that must be met before animals can be imported. In most cases an Import Permit will be required together with a period of quarantine. This Import Permit and quarantine period is not required for domestic dogs and cats imported from Australia.

For further information on the importation of animals into New
Zealand please visit:


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