Do USA TV’s work overseas?

  Do USA TV’s work overseas?


In the old days this answer was no unless you wanted to play the same system videos or DVD’s, as the signal and formats were different.


But nowadays however, none of this matters on new TV’s as modern digital  TV’s are 16:9 ratio and use 720p or 1080p/1080i – with the p standing for progressive scan and i interlace with the same color format. Frames per second are now 30 or 59.94/60. and are standardized in most countries.


The only difference is TV tuners – aka the aerial plugin – Digital TV standards for receiving transmissions are different so if the TV has a tuner that won’t work, the UK for example uses DTC and the US ATSC standard. But none of that really matters as most people plug in a sky box or a Firestick or a cable box etc. by HDMI.


Most modern consumer electronics like TV’s have 100-240v input so you just need to change the plug.

So in short, don’t be a nelly, bring your telly and be happy,

Ship it in a TV box or the original box your brought it in and ship your TV’s with UPakWeShip.


Cheers The International Moving Doctor

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