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    That's exactly what the International Moving Doctor is going to be doing next week! So if you have a question for the doctor, please carry on and post it but bear in mind it will be the following week before I can answer it. You can always ask John Bonney...

  Do USA TV’s work overseas?   In the old days this answer was no unless you wanted to play the same system videos or DVD’s, as the signal and formats were different.   But nowadays however, none of this matters on new TV's as modern digital  TV’s are 16:9 ratio and use 720p...

If you haven't watched the International Moving Doctors video on how to complete a packing list when you are shipping your things overseas, then I suggest you should :-) It explains how to produce a "customs friendly" list of all your things you are shipping by typing a list as...

Here are the pics from todays walk about at UPakWeShip's warehouse in Walterboro, SC. Picture 1 is a fine looking U Crate 100 on its way to sunny Portugal Picture 2 is 3 cracking U Crate 100's going to lovely Ireland Picture 3 shows you what a U Crate 200 kit looks like...

Some interesting pictures this week in the UPakWeShip Walterboro warehouse. The first picture shows a great looking pallet on its way to Europe. The second picture shows a bunch of pallets and U Crates in line ready for loading this afternoon going over to UPakWeShip Europe office. The third shows...

We are hugely excited to reveal our new, customer hub for all of those who book with UPakWeShip! Our website has never been more user friendly. We listened to our customer feedback, and we are confident to say that we have delivered. So, what's changed? Well to start with, we've changed up...

We know first-hand that if 2020 was your year to move abroad, the world may feel like it’s turned on its axis. As an international moving company, we are doing everything we can for our customers under the restrictions. And with one of the UPak team catching an emergency flight...

  March 16th 2020. Whilst the virus continues there may be some delays in delivering throughout Europe. At the moment, non essential items (like household shipments) are not allowed across the border in Italy and I am hearing similar reports for Denmark and Norway. Spain and France probably wont be...

Happy Valentines Day to all our lovely customers. We have moved a lot of people who have met their true love overseas and we "love" to hear all their unique stories of how they met. My favorite though is still from a while ago when I moved a lovely lady...