American moved to Europe, can I still shop on amazon?

UPakWeShip, over here to help you over there.

Yes but it depends where you are. Their oldest and biggest markets for Amazon are Germany and the UK, but more recently they have opened up in France, Spain and Italy. If, like us you are an expat living in the Netherlands, you can buy online from Amazon in Germany using your same USA prime account user name and password but you will have to pay for shipping. Amazons web site in Holland only sells books and kindles at present.
We have the items we order online delivered to our UPakWeShip Europe office in Rotterdam as home delivery seems to be a bit dodgy here. Things get left with neighbors with no notification of whom.
I don’t think anyone is coming forward with our vacuum cleaner we ordered 6 weeks ago! Pardon the pun but that sucks!

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