How to do The International Packing List

If you haven’t watched the International Moving Doctors video on how to complete a packing list when you are shipping your things overseas, then I suggest you should 🙂

It explains how to produce a “customs friendly” list of all your things you are shipping by typing a list as well as sticking the correct labels on all your items and numbering them so in the rare event that customs look at your list and ask to view item 22 they can easily identify it quickly without looking through everything else.

I know I’m biased but I really think its worth a quick watch.

The International Moving Doctor  You Tube channel is full of helpful information on subjects like how to pack, how to tape a box properly, what to ship and what to leave behind as well as many great tips from the UPakWeShip coordinators on shipping self load hipping containers and U Crates.

Please also subscribe so that you get notified when the next video comes out. We try and do a couple every month. We are currently working on a video about how not to get scammed when moving overseas which will be full of great advice for people relocating overseas.

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