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Thank you for hiring staff who understand the benefit of offering good guidance for new customers who may       not have previously shipped goods internationally.  By that I mean communication beyond the very specific and effective checklists and videos.   Alicia Hawk is exceptional at providing information that helped guide us through...

  I think this might be a first but UPakWeShip received a 5 star google review from this customer because of our outstanding customer service and advising them courteously, professionally and promptly that we could not unfortunately accommodate them for their overseas move out of Canada to Europe. If you are...

If you haven't watched the International Moving Doctors video on how to complete a packing list when you are shipping your things overseas, then I suggest you should :-) It explains how to produce a "customs friendly" list of all your things you are shipping by typing a list as...

  I like the idea of packing myself, but can I get help carrying the boxes and loading? Absolutely! There is a company in the USA called Movinghelp.com that is a great resource to find local help. If not call a local independent mover to quote you on providing a loading crew. What...

  The chances are you don’t move overseas that often so maybe you are not sure how it all works and know the right questions to ask. We on the other hand move people every day so hopefully this helps.   We know we are by no means the only good company...

  Busy sunny day in our new UPakWeShip office and warehouse today in Walterboro SC. Loaded a 40 ft groupage to the UK and another to Europe. Both full of pallets and U Crates. Our 35,000 sq ft warehouse has plenty of room to handle all your shipments. We have 4 loading...

  I have no idea why, but every day all our offices get calls and emails from people asking where is the book they ordered. Every day we patiently explain that we do not deliver books for Amazon and that we ship peoples belongings overseas. I wish it was that easy to...

  1/ Make sure your rental property has High Speed Internet and WIFI, don’t just accept “internet provided” 2/ Travel lightly, I use a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, lightweight and powerful enough to handle everything I do. 3/ Use a VPN so that you are still secure when logging onto airport and...

Please send us a picture or video or your move with UPakWeShip  so we can share with others  on our web site that are thinking of moving overseas. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but at the very least it helps others wanting to relocate overseas understand...

When moving between states is considered a big deal in the US, the thought of moving countries, let alone continents, is downright terrifying. But it’s also hugely exciting, and will probably end up being of the best decisions you ever make. We totally understand the pull of Europe. The different cultures,...