Read This before moving to Europe from the USA

Thank you for hiring staff who understand the benefit of offering good guidance for new customers who may       not have previously shipped goods internationally.  By that I mean communication beyond the very specific and effective checklists and videos.


Alicia Hawk is exceptional at providing information that helped guide us through the process of shipping from Austin Texas to Portugal.  There simply are not enough words to describe how terrific she is when communicating with someone like me, who tends to have a lot of questions.  And her responsiveness was impressive.


Elda Martinez, out of the European Office is also exceptional, providing the information needed to guide us after the crate arrived in Rotterdam.  From the date it left Rotterdam through the anticipated delivery date she was very responsive to my many questions. Her communication style squashed any fears I may have dreamed up.


Both women delivered information in a highly professional manner and represented your company in the best possible way.


It is my distinct pleasure to have an opportunity to draft this message to you.


By the way, the shipping went so well, we’re back in the states preparing to ship additional goods with your company.  The only items we will not ship with you are our oriental rugs and original artwork, both which require climate controlled containers.




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