5 good Tips for working remotely overseas.

  1/ Make sure your rental property has High Speed Internet and WIFI, don’t just accept “internet provided”
2/ Travel lightly, I use a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, lightweight and powerful enough to handle everything I do.
3/ Use a VPN so that you are still secure when logging onto airport and hotel internet networks. I don’t really understand how this works but I’m sure your IT person or techy friend can help you get one set up for you.
4/ Get a Transfer Wise account so you can easily transfer money from one country to another and pull out cash using a debit card from an ATM. Having offices in the UK and Europe its handy for me to get cash in Euros and UK Pounds and seeing most places in Holland don’t take credit cards I can use my debit card connected to my Wise account.
5/ Ship extra items that you can’t easily take with you by using UPakWeShip’s U Crate 50 or U Crate 100 service. Even if you are only moving overseas for a year, it’s great to have a few of your personal items with you. I would ship my Piano keyboard, amp and a few accessories with some extra clothes, a few pictures, maybe my inflatable SUP, some tools and my rather large, very loud blue tooth speaker!
Extra tip store the U Crate flat packed and keep if for your return in case you get home sick or the boss wants you to relocate back to the office!

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