From Pennsylvania to Portugal

Here are some cool pictures a shipper just sent of their UPakWeShip U Crate 100 collection yesterday.

If you are not sure what our U Crate 100 service is…… here goes!

We send the U Crate out to you flat packed. You can practice loading things in it in your garage or in your house or apartment so on collection day you know where everything is going to fit.

You need to have everything packed in boxes or wrapped in bubble wrap to keep everything safe.

On your scheduled loading day, load everything up on your driveway or garage. The U Crate comes with a pallet bottom, two sides and a top plus loading straps, tape and a plastic cover.

The driver will collect it with a pallet jack and with the truck tail lift it gets loaded into the truck and transported to our shipping terminal which in this case will be our UPakWeShip facility in Walterboro SC. From there it gets loaded into a shipping container and put on a container ship headed to Rotterdam.

Once the ship arrives roughly 10-14 days later, the container gets unloaded of the ship and we unload the shipping container with all the pallets and U Crates into out customs bonded warehouse where we arrange to have it cleared through customs. After that our UPakWeShip EU office will contact you to arrange delivery in this case from Netherlands to your door in Portugal.

The U Crate 100 will be unloaded the same way with a pallet jack and tail lift truck and placed outside your new residence for you to unload. Everything inside the U Crate is exactly as you loaded it. Its a simple system but it works. You get an all inclusive lump sum price that includes the cost of the U Crate and the door to door shipping.

No hassle, no strangers in your house, no worries, no huge expense. Just UPakWeShip door to door, doing what it knows best!

Ship one or multiple U Crates safely from the USA to Europe via our weekly shipping service from Charleston port to Rotterdam.

Take a look at our all inclusive lump sum international moving rates on our web site for you view without even having to log in and give any personal information away. Its just there for everyone to see!

You wont regret it!


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