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Here are some cool pictures a shipper just sent of their UPakWeShip U Crate 100 collection yesterday. If you are not sure what our U Crate 100 service is...

UPakWeShip has the following Vacancies Shipping Coordinator Los Angeles California: We are looking for an international shipping coordinator to help join our busy operations team. Experience would be great but happy to train someone that has a can do helpful attitude with some geographical knowledge. Great phone etiquette and basic typing...

Charleston Calling Anyone who has been to Charleston SC will have seen the Ravenel Bridge looming above the church steeples but did you know it’s a popular walking and jogging spot? The Ravenel Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge over the Cooper River in South Carolina, USA, connecting downtown Charleston to Mount...

  Are you still open? Yes we are open and operating as much as we can in the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK although about 90% of staff are working from home right now. Shall I book now or later? I am telling most customers its whatever you are feeling comfortable with...

  If you need temporary storage for your International Move, UPakWeShip has you covered. We can store your U Crate or Pallet for 25 per week. No additional handling charges. Temporary storage before we ship or before we deliver just 25 per week.   That is in $ at UPakWeShip USA That's in UK Pounds at...

Doei-Doei Rotterdam    Time for us to be shipping back to the USA with all our stuff. What did we think about moving to The Netherlands? Did we have fun? Well it’s a lot more than Cheese n Tulips! We really enjoyed our time in the Netherlands and Europe. We will miss the outside...

Here is a lovely review we received this week from a lady we moved from the USA to France and by the sound of things will hopefully be moving here from France back to the USA one day. Thank you Susan, enjoy your stay. May 22, 2019 by Susan on UPakWeShip,...

UPakWeShip, offices in USA, EU and UK What is the advantage of having your own offices on both sides of the Atlantic when moving overseas between the USA and UK/EU? Here are some answers to that questions and why we have invested in having great staff and...

If you are wondering if your Netflix account is going to work, the answer is Yes. Well at least it is a yes if you are moving from the USA. I thought we were going to have a problem with it not recognizing a European IP address or...