How Expensive is it to Move Furniture Abroad?

When moving abroad, one of the biggest questions you’ll face is whether bringing your furniture is worth it. If you have the world’s comfiest bed, or you’re irrevocably attached to your couch, then maybe the answer is yes. From bedroom furniture to office furniture, there are plenty of reasons people prefer to bring larger items abroad with them.

But does it financially make sense?

You may feel your furniture is invaluable, but it’s still worth exploring how to get it from A-B in the most cost-effective way possible.

Well, your options will vary depending on what furniture you’ll be bringing with you. If you’re shipping 95% boxes, but want to ship a sofa or a bed, it can hugely increase the price of your quote, and it’s usually cheaper to buy that item brand new when you land.

Consider the layout of your future house. Will your furniture physically fit into your new rooms? Will the aesthetic be the same as the house you’ve just moved from?

If the answer is yes, you have three main options for shipping large items…

A U-Crate 200, is specific to UPakWeShip – the largest self-packed crate we offer. Other companies may have similar sizes, and these crates are shipped alongside other movers’ belongings in a shared shipping container. The benefit of the U-Crate 200, is that whilst it is enormous, it is still a pallet-based-crate, which means the cost is lower and there is a flat rate… if it fits, it ships!

The U-Crate 200 is large enough to fit a couple of your most prized furniture items, alongside boxes. Prices will vary depending on where you’re shipping from and to, but you can find out precisely how much it will be via our immediate online rates!

Always bear in mind, not all companies offer up-front costs with customs and taxes included. Our self-packing service is notably lower due to not using a packing service. If you find quotes much lower, ensure they’re inclusive!


…A shipping container may be exactly what you’re after! In which case, you can opt for either a 20-ft container, which is roughly the size of a one-car garage, or a 40-ft container, which is the size of a two-car garage!

A container will be perfect for those looking to ship a reasonable amount of furniture, plus boxes and any other belongings you’ve decided to take with you. Shipping containers are also the best option if you’re looking to send a vehicle abroad too.

Quotes for shipping containers vary, but the sheer size of them means they are the most expensive option for movers. However, if you’re going to ship a large number of items, you might as well utilize the space! No matter how much space is used in your container, the price will be the same, so if you’re between a U-Crate 200 and a 20ft container, it’s worth bearing in mind!

The short answer of whether shipping furniture is worth it is simply, it’s up to you.

Many movers will encourage their customers to ship more, as it raises the prices. But as mentioned, shipping furniture is usually more expensive than buying it brand new in your destination.

If you do choose to move furniture, ensure you’re working with a reliable mover with up-front costs and no-hidden-fees, so you don’t receive a nasty surprise at the end! With offices in the EU, Canada and UK, you can be confident your prized possessions will get from A-B safely and securely!

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