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  This is a picture of some U Crates at UPakWeShip EU office in Rotterdam, waiting to be sent out to customers today. No its not some new age Stonehenge monument. We put these U Crates on a pallet and send them out to you all over Europe. Note they...

  Having spent roughly the first half on my life in the UK, the second half until recently in the USA, when it comes to writing the date, my brain, which I might add gets confused easy enough these days as well as forgets where it is sometimes, now where...

Don't be frightened having to pack your fragile items yourself. Its easy if you have the right knowledge and materials. Recipe: strong Cardboard carton small or medium Packaging paper sheets 2 inch packing tape Optional bubble wrap. First, make up the cardboard box taping the bottom seam where the two flaps meet as well as...

  Our first Kings Day since moving to Europe. We really had no idea what this was all about either but I can now offer a few insights into this orange party as I have now been there and literally worn the orange T-shirt. King's Day is a national holiday in...

UPakWeShip, Inc. Average rating 5 stars:   66 reviews Mar 25, 2019 by Carl on UPakWeShip, Inc.USA to Ireland UPakWeShip is "definitely the way to go when moving overseas" Our move from the US's West Coast to Ireland was so smooth thanks to UPakWeShip! They make the whole process so simple with...

Today's 5 Star International Moving Review Mar 18, 2019 by Nekane on UPakWeShip, Inc. We just received in Spain our 20’ container shipped from San Francisco. Great experience, great customer service, all doubts answered fast and clearly. Really happy we chose UPakWeShip for our move. Thanks!!UPakWeShip USA arranged the transport...

UPakWeShip, offices in USA, EU and UK What is the advantage of having your own offices on both sides of the Atlantic when moving overseas between the USA and UK/EU? Here are some answers to that questions and why we have invested in having great staff and...

Dear UPakWeShip Family,   Moving is on life's top 10 most stressful list. Although death, divorce, getting married, work related "stuff", and money problems out rank it, moving is still a super stressor. Add in getting married to someone in a foreign country after 5 months of dating and y'all can...

UPakWeShip, over here to help you over there. Yes but it depends where you are. Their oldest and biggest markets for Amazon are Germany and the UK, but more recently they have opened up in France, Spain and Italy. If, like us you are an expat living in the Netherlands,...

Apparently not! UPakWeShip in Charleston SC asked and UPS said yes, so they completed the paperwork and sent it over to UPakWeShip Europe in Holland and its sat at a UPS customs facility for 3 weeks and I have just been informed on email they are returning it back to...