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Thanks for the info, looking forward to speaking with someone about it.
International Shipping Tools & Apps   Got another question for you.
Is it true, that owner packed containers are more difficult to get through customs than containers packed by moving companies? I’ve got the feeling it’s a sales pitch by movers here to get you to purchase the packing service. Any thoughts?


A very good question Christoph! Customs overseas, anywhere in the world require a packing list so they can look at it and see what is in the container. The only way Customs overseas would know if you have packed it yourself would be if they were presented with a scruffy piece of paper saying something like 55 pieces of my stuff etc. The other way would be if you packed the items yourself and then paid a mover to load the container and make the packing list for you. If that is the case the mover would create a big red flag packing list saying item 1/ PBO, item 2 PBO, item 3 PBO which stands for “packed By Owner and doesn’t explain what the item really is and therefore triggering customs into asking more questions or inspecting the shipment. However at UPakWeShip we have our own packing list creator app that allows you to complete a professional packing list where you complete all the items online using your phone, I pad, tablet or PC saving it as you go and then when you are ready, you click submit and you and UPakWeShip get emailed a very professional looking packing list all typed out in a PDF format to give to customs. This packing list is as good and professional if not better than any moving companies packing list which is often hand written on a carbon copy form that is so feint its hard to decipher!
I hope this helps and makes sense. Bottom line yes a mover wants to charge you a fortune for packing and scare you into it but I think you can pack a lot better and safer than a $10-$12 an hour mover and customs overseas wont know who packed and loaded it.
Cheers and happy packing, The Moving Doctor.



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