A Walk through UPakWeShip’s Warehouse near Charleston SC

  I thought it would be a good idea to show you some pictures of what is going on today in our warehouse. I took this picture to show you how a pallet should look once packed. This customer has used the same size boxes so stacking has been easy and everything is well balanced. Its been well shrink wrapped and they have used a couple of ratchet straps over the shipment and through the pallet to hold everything tight and in place so nothing can move. Last, they have attached the UPakWeShip labels visible on every box plus the large label stuck on the outside so it can be clearly identified. Very nicely done!


This customer has bought a wooden packing crate kit from U Line and then booked the shipping with UPakWeShip at the small pallet rate. This is a nice idea if you don’t have a lot of stuff and it will probably work out about the same price as our U Crate 50 but either way works for us!



This is a row of export shipments awaiting container loading to be shipped off to UPakWeShip Europe. The container will travel on a ship from Charleston to Rotterdam and then get unloaded, customs cleared and delivered all over Europe via truck. This particular row in the warehouse seems to all be going to Portugal and Spain.



These pallets have been packed by UPakWeShip. Sometimes customers drop shipments off  and want us to load them on pallets. Sometimes pallets come in a little wonky and need a little TLC from us. Sometimes customers ship things to us via a domestic mover or a domestic self pack crate option where we unload the domestic moving crate and load onto pallets or U Crates ourselves ready for shipping.

Either way you can see how well we load and shrink wrap pallets ourselves if you need.

Its a little dark but this is a 40 foot shipping container being loaded inside from our warehouse loading dock before returning to Charleston port and shipping to Rotterdam.




This is the view from the outside showing a 40 foot container with an orange tractor unit being loaded as well as two delivery trucks delivering pallets and U Crates into the warehouse.



I hope you enjoyed today’s little exploration around our terminal in Walterboro. I’ll try and do another set soon. I hope it is useful and gives you an idea of how it all works.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions about things you see or would like to see.


Cheers, The International Moving Doctor.

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