Did you know?

A guy from London is in Los Angeles eating the best Mexican food he’s ever had.

A couple from Toronto are eating fresh sardines in a little beach bar on the Algarve coast of Portugal.

An American enters an English country pub to sample what he thinks will be warm beer.

Just arrived from Vancouver this person is about to eat their first pie in Sydney Australia.

There is a couple eating the best ever pizza in Naples with some distant family they have just met for the first time.

  A guy from Miami is meeting new friends in Barcelona and sharing a Cava and tapas in the sunshine.

A British couple are eating sausage rolls and Cornish pasties on the seafront in Brighton for the first time in ages having just moved back from Ft Lauderdale Florida.

A lady from Boston is enjoying breakfast with monkeys and toucans in Guanacaste Costa Rica.

An executive from Kaiserslautern in Germany has finished her three year contract and is moving back to Atlanta.

A charming gay couple from Denver are just about to open their bed and breakfast in the Loire Valley in France.

The connection?

They all trusted the little red tag!

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