Hablo Español! Fala Portugües!

Moving to EuropeIf you are moving to South America, UPakWeShip and EuroUSA has you covered!

We have our moving specialist Andreas, who is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

Obviously this is very handy if you are from South America and either Spanish or Portuguese is your native tongue.

It is also advantageous if you are a “Gringo” moving or retiring to South America and need help with customs paperwork, finding out the rules and regulations and having someone who can translate to English all the requirements and go to work on your behalf getting everything organized for your door to door move. Having Andreas speaking the local lingo will also benefit you in obtaining the best shipping rates and services for customs clearance and delivery. Choosing the wrong mover to South America can be very costly with extra fees and duties and taxes!

If you need a moving quote to South America, call the expert Andreas at 843 279 0294  or email him at cargo@eurousa.us


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