Having A Vacation During Your Relocation

Slightly off the normal shipping subject but have you considered when moving to America or moving to the UK or anywhere in Europe, travelling yourself by ship?

Treat Yourself With The Queen Mary 2

You can’t normally travel with your shipment on a container ship, but did you know that the Queen Mary 2 runs regularly voyages across the Atlantic between the USA and the UK and Europe?

With the price of airfares now, it’s not much more to spend 7-10 days on board a luxurious ship than fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Now add on 7-10 days of hotel fees, car hire and restaurant bills and it’s possible you have just saved yourself some money on your relocation!

How To Save Money On Your Relocation

Talking of saving money on your relocation, have you looked at the latest prices for shipping on UPakWeShip’s website? On top of possibly saving some relocation bucks, you have had a great vacation with your partner and family. Everyone is happy before you start your new job on the other side of the pond.

After the hustle and bustle of moving out of your old house, contacting everyone from schools, the power company, cancelling insurance, departing from your work colleagues and friends, you need a chance to relax before you start it all again the other end, contacting real estate agents, schools, power companies, starting a new job, etc. Having a vacation during your relocation is a great idea!

Relax & Hit The Road Running

The Queen Mary 2 sails frequently between New York, Southampton, and Hamburg as well as Rotterdam and Antwerp from time to time. From any of these points, you can hire a car, fly, or get a train to your destination feeling fully relaxed and, apart from putting on a few pounds on the ship by eating too much amazing food, you are all ready to hit the new road at full speed.

The Pros & Cons Of Moving Overseas

Here are some of the pros and cons of moving overseas by ship for yourselves, as well as your personal effects and household goods.

There is no baggage allowance so you can take as many suitcases as you need. Porters are there to help at both the port of departure as well as the arrival port, so you don’t have to lug all of it up the gangplank yourself! You can also use a domestic baggage forwarding company to send your bags onto the ship in advance if you would like but that is quite pricey!

Another advantage is, if you are wanting to also ship your dog, they can travel with you on the crossing in the Queen Mary’s kennels. These kennels do get booked up well in advance though but, if you know well in advance when you will be moving overseas, this is a great service and probably safer and less stressful than flying as well as another cost saving for your international move!

Relax and unwind, spend some quality time with your partner or family during the voyage. Imagine having a week or two away from computer screens, cell phones and meetings. There is no commute, just a little walk to get some food, entertainment, or explore around the ship.

WIFI sucks except in public areas. You would think by now this would have been sorted but WIFI is pretty much nonexistent in your room. Funnily enough, it does seem to work quite well in the bars and Cunard’s English pub “The Golden Lion”.

If dressing up isn’t your thing, you can eat in your cabin or just hit the Buffet rather than the fancy restaurants.

I would suggest, however, getting a room with a balcony. Departing from the dock in New York, Southampton, Hamburg, or Rotterdam is something very special. Not only are the views spectacular, but there is also no better way to say goodbye or bon voyage to the Country you have been living in for the past years.

Use A Reputable Shipping Company

While you are sailing across the Atlantic, make sure you use a reputable international moving and shipping company like UPakWeShip to transport all your worldly belongings so you can relax knowing everything is on track and most importantly safe. UPakWeShip has its own staff and operations on both sides of the pond so you are only dealing with one company with knowledgeable staff on both sides of the pond.

Find Out More

If you are interested in finding out more about Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 voyages across the Atlantic, then look at their website https://www.cunard.com/en-us/cruise-ships/queen-mary-2/9. Your time at sea is your own, and you’ll find abundant possibilities to discover on board the world’s only transatlantic ocean liner.

If you need more information or rates for moving your things across the Atlantic to the USA or the UK or Europe, visit www.upakweship.com

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