How UPakWeShip Makes Moving Easy

Nobody ever said that moving was easy – but then again, most people haven’t used a moving service built upon the values of making customers’ moves easier.

We’ve built a company based on the knowledge that moving needs to be more simple and less stressful. As the world becomes more globalized and moving to different countries becomes more attractive, more and more people are moving abroad and we want to make sure that when they do, they can rely on their moving company if they choose us.

So, what methods have we implemented to make your move easy?

1. Instant Prices

When you’re on the hunt for a moving company with affordable prices, often a lot of back and forth, and even a phone call involved. We wanted to make sure potential customers had a way to find instant quotes that were all-inclusive. That’s why we have instant prices on our website. Simply input the collection state and the delivery country and we can let you know how much each of our services will cost, right this second.

2. Add a delivery address later

We know that in an ideal world, you’d have everything sorted before we collect your belongings. However, the reality is this often isn’t the case. Whether you are renting accommodation, house hunting or using storage, you can change your delivery at a later date and don’t need to worry.

3. Take your time to pack

If you’re unsure of the precise date of your move, we can drop off your U-Crate or pallet and collect it at a later date. Whilst we do ask for a couple of weeks’ notice for full delivery and collection, once your service has been dropped off, just reach out to your shipping coordinator to organize a day that works for you.

4. We specialise in curbside moving

We recently published a whole article on how UPakWeShip was social distancing before it was a necessity. You pack your items yourself, you know what needs extra safety and security measures, nobody is entering your home – all of the information on our collection/delivery moving service is available in this blog post. We’ve had years to nail curbside moving, which is why we offer such a smooth, efficient service.

5. One Company, Door-to-Door

When you book a move with UPakWeShip, you can rest assured your belongings are in safe hands across the Atlantic. Our HQ is in Charleston, however, we also have offices in Europe – so whether you’re moving to or from the EU, it will be UPakWeShip you’re in contact with throughout. If you’re wondering what the benefits of a destination office is, take a look at our blog post on the topic.

6. Our team are on hand to walk you through your move

When you organise a moving service with UPakWeShip, you won’t be talking to a robot or passed from team to team. We have a fantastic team who will walk you through the processes needed for your move to take place. From forms to tax to payments and organising collection/delivery, our expert shipping team is there to help you with questions and queries to put your mind at ease.

If you’re looking for a moving company that puts its customers first, look no further than UPakWeShip. For more information on our services or to receive an instant quote today, take a look at our website. Moving from the US to the EU? Take a look at our US site.

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