International Shipping For Beginners

International Shipping for Beginners: Everything You Need To Know For Your Next Move Abroad

Did you know that 1 in 10 Brits have made a permanent overseas move? That’s a large number of the population that packed up their life and started a new adventure! But how did they pack everything exactly?


If you’re considering a move abroad, you may be stuck on how to ship all your belongings to your new location. Maybe you want to bring your great-aunt’s vintage vanity table or your favorite flat screen tv.


If this is your first international move, keep reading to learn all the ins and outs of shipping abroad.


Do I Need to Consider Shipping Services?


To answer this question, you need to figure out what you want to bring with you. Some people gather up their whole flat and ship it to their new residence. Others only pack a suitcase.


If you plan on bringing any of the following, you may need a shipping service:


  • bulky items
  • large furniture
  • a considerable amount of clothing and shoes
  • fragile items
  • appliances
  • electronics 


Using traditional mail for these items would be impossible. You would quickly find yourself exceeding the weight and size limits. Other large shipping companies like FedEx or UPS are expensive and complicated.


That’s why a dedicated household shipping service is the easiest, cheapest way to move your items. We can even pack everything up for you if you don’t have time. We know there are a lot of things to care of before moving abroad.


How Does a Shipping Service Work?


The best thing about using our shipping service is how simple it is! No running to the post office, wrapping everything, or buying boxes for packing.


First, we deliver an empty shipping container or crate to your address in the UK. You load it up with your items and give us a call. We’ll pick up the container and deliver it to your new home. Simple!


If cost is a concern, get a free quote to see how cheap shipping can be with our service. You’ll most likely find it’s more affordable than you think!


What Are My Shipping Options?


UPakWeShip UK offers different shipping options for different needs. To determine which service to choose, you should first make a list of everything you want to bring. Once you’ve figured out the weight and size you need, you can select the right option.




The smallest choice, U-CRATE 50, is 50 cubic feet. This selection is perfect for those shipping smaller items. The crate measures 45″ (L) x 45″ (W) x 44″ (H) so make sure your items are not larger or taller.


We all know airline restrictions on baggage these days. Most airlines only allow 20 – 25 kg of checked luggage per person. If you’re making an international move, you probably need more space than that.


The U-CRATE 50 option is the perfect choice for bringing:


  • bulky winter clothing
  • small electronics
  • special decor items
  • small appliances
  • fragile shipping 




This option is the middle size, about 100 cubic feet. It measures 45″ (L) x 45″ (W) x 78″ (H), so it’s taller than the U-CRATE 50. If you need more space for longer items, this might be the best choice.


Consider the U-CRATE 100 if you want to ship:


  • longer items like skis and golf clubs
  • larger electronics
  • larger appliances
  • small furniture items
  • a lot of clothing and shoes
  • fragile items 




The largest crate size, the U-CRATE 200, is 200 cubic feet and measures 87″ (L) x 47″ (W) x 87″ (H). This is a hefty-sized crate and can easily fit most of your items.


You should use the U-CRATE 200 if you want to ship:


  • larger electronics and appliances
  • medium-sized furniture
  • sports equipment
  • all clothing and shoes
  • fragile items 


If the idea of packing a crate by yourself makes your head spin, don’t worry! We also offer UPakWeShip Plus. For an extra cost, we’ll come to your residence and pack everything for you. We’ll load it up and take it to your new location without you even lifting a finger!


What If I Want to Move Furniture?


Let’s say you purchased or are building a custom house abroad. Most likely, the space will be empty. Sure, you can buy new furniture, dishes, linens, and household items.


But this will take a lot of time for shopping and sourcing items. It’ll also be expensive. Why not ship your furniture to your new location using our shipping containers?


We offer 20 and 40-foot shipping containers. That’s enough space to pack your entire house into! This is the best shipping option for moving every single thing you own.


Do I Need Insurance?


If you live life on the edge, you’re probably thinking you don’t need insurance. While the chances of damage to your items during shipment are small, accidents do happen.


Considering the low cost of our insurance, there’s no reason to forgo it. Our insurance policy is 2.5% of the value of your items, 2% if it’s over £30,000.


Let’s say you pack a container worth £10,000; the insurance would only amount to £250. Not a bad price for peace of mind.


How Do I Deal With Customs?


Customs can be a confusing process to deal with. Depending on the country you’ll be moving to, you’ll need different paperwork.


We’ve prepared all the customs forms for several popular locations. All you need to do is download them and fill them out. Remember to double-check with your government and your new location in case anything has changed!


Making the Move Abroad


Maybe you’ve always wanted to move abroad, or perhaps you just decided to go on a whim! Whatever the case, making an international move should be an exciting time in your life.


To reduce stress, use a shipping service! It’s the easiest way to get your items from point A to point B. No hassles, no sneaky fees.


Book your UPakWeShip service now and start planning your new adventure abroad! We’ll be there to guide you through every step of the process.


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