Meet Mark Nash, the Moving Doctor Behind UPakWeShip

Mark Nash didn’t grow up with the goal to work in the moving industry. However, after a lucky job offer in his twenties, he fell into the industry which would become his career. With over thirty years of experience, there’s not much Mark hasn’t heard or seen in the moving business. However, he’s not hanging up his hat just yet – UPakWeShip is continuously expanding, so what’s next?

1. How has UPakWeShip changed since its initial conception?

“The idea simply started as a way to offer the public a cheaper way to move overseas if they wanted to pack themselves – a little like a budget airline but for people moving. Sort of a ‘Freddy Laker’ of the moving business if anyone else can remember that far back! The concept seemed to work, and customers loved it, so we started to develop the business further, and came up with our U Crates, which offer door to door moving.

“So much has changed since the initial startup. The obvious is that we’ve grown into a multimillion business with overseas offices, but I think the biggest change over the last 15 years is the technology.

“We started with a phone, a fax, a PC, and cardboard files. Now, we are paperless and cloud-based and have an amazing custom-built database that connects with our customers to make the whole process easier! If only it could make the tea! 

“We also now have our automatic online pricing system, which is a real game-changer as it allows everyone to see all the different moving options and the prices 24/7. It allows us to keep our overheads down as there’s no longer the need to have staff emailing out direct quotes. Instead, our staff can concentrate more on the moving experience for customers, answering questions, and guiding them through the process.”

2. What’s been the biggest lesson learned as UPakWeShip has evolved?

“Wow, so many lessons! To name a few: Nothing ever goes exactly to plan, nobody will do as good a job as you and your team, never burn bridges, learn to delegate, don’t ever presume, and as a Brit, it’s always worth thinking things out over a cuppa! 

“I’ve also learned that if at first, you don’t succeed, it’s important to look at your business from the outside in, looking at things from a perspective customers’ point of view will always help with problem-solving.”

3. Why is UPakWeShip different from other moving companies?

“The main one is that we allow you to pack your own things. Obviously, this saves you the money on using movers, but it also means nobody needs to come into your residence and touch all of your belongings – pretty invaluable at the moment!

“We also charge lump sum all-inclusive prices – our prices are online for everyone to see, and we have the most brilliant, knowledgeable, personable, team you could ever have to hold your hand through the process! We also have our own offices andpersonnel in the USA, Europe, and the UK so you get the great UPakWeShip customer service door to door.”

UPakWeShip is very popular right now during  Covid-19 because we do not need to send anyone into your house to collect your things. We can maintain social distancing with our driveway or curbside collection and delivery services.

4. What motivates you on a day-to-day basis?

“Coffee, and my wife! Not in that order though, of course! I also have a lot of employees and family that rely on me for a paycheck. In all honesty, I just enjoy this business… I’m always thinking about how we can do things better for our customers, how to make the international move a little less stressful, more affordable, and just plain easier!”

5. UPakWeShip is a very family-oriented business, do you think that benefits how it operates?

“There are two sides to this. It’s great to be able to provide for family members and help them progress and do well. I obviously trust them a great deal and rely on them to get on with things without being micro-managed. The relationship also means they’ll tell me things straight as they are and not beat around the bush. My only negative is that it’s sometimes hard being the boss during, for example, a personnel issue, or when I have to leave work behind and be a Dad/husband/uncle/ brother at the end of the day.”

6. You’ve moved about a lot yourself, what tips do you have for somebody, or a family, relocating overseas?

“Go on a vacation and have a look at the area before you settle down long-term. I’d also advise you to rent and not buy, and make sure you join Facebook groups and research the area properly.

“We have a lot of advice and guidance on our blog about the moving process, everything we write on there, from the guides to tips and tricks about the moving process, come from our first-hand experience so I’d definitely recommend checking it out for more advice.”

Have a good clear out and don’t ship things you don’t need!

7. Of the places you’ve lived, which has been your favorite and why?

“I loved Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. There was sun, sea, sand and pina coladas…! Just kidding, but I did have a great experience there. I learned a lot and met some great friends.

“To be honest, any destination is only as good as what you make of it. Make sure you become a part of the community, join local expat groups, and make friends! It’s also important to visit local bars and restaurants and try the local food and drink, just make sure you discover all of the different places on offer! When we lived in The Netherlands, we made the most of its location by spending long-weekends in neighboring countries – that was great! I’d also recommend learning a little of the language, although we failed big time with Dutch, I must confess!”

8. What is your favourite European city?

“It’s impossible to pick a great European city… they are all fantastic! I love London as I’m from there, and I love its theatres and the pubs, also in England we obviously have Cornish pasties and sausage rolls – definite weaknesses of mine.

“Depending on what you want, I love Paris for the stores and restaurants, Barcelona for the tapas and Cava, Brussels for chocolate, Rotterdam for watching boats and ships passing by whilst drinking beer.. I think we can all see I have a food and drink theme going on!”

9. UPakWeShip has hugely expanded, with offices in the US, Canada, Mainland Europe, and the UK… do you have any plans to expand further afield?

“Always! We are planning our next venture right now, which might well put us on the move again to start up a new office, but that’s still in the hush-hush stage right now!

“We are also looking into the possibility of an Australian/New Zealand liaison office sometime in the future. We use a great agent there at the moment but strongly believe having our own people at the destination, liaising with our customers and making sure everything goes well with customs clearance, and delivery enables us to maintain our high customer service standards and keeps us getting personal recommendations and customers coming back again for their next move.”

10. Finally, what’s your favorite part of your job?

“I love reading the personal reviews from people, saying what a great job the team did. That just makes it all worthwhile.

“The other aspect is the personal stories behind some of the moves, for example, a few years back we moved a lady in her 80’s fromVirginia to England. She told us she was moving there to be with her fiancée and was planning to get married for the first time!

You just never know what the next phone call or email will bring. Rod Stewart might have said every picture tells a story but every move has one as well.”

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